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RM/SBS Uniform question


Right, first post on here and i'm fully prepared for a slagging for this, should you require verification of my military service, please visit a well known RAF rumour site.

This is a genuine question about the SBS and the service uniform they wear.
There is a new recruit in my SAR Team, he claims to be in the RM(R) and alludes to being in the SBS(R), he certainly talks the talk, he knows i'm ex RAF and will pull up a sandbag sometimes with me. I've spent time with SF operators in NI and have experience of them in civvies, but not in a uniformed enviroment.
He turned up today to a training event we held in greens and claimed to have been in Scotland since Thurs on exercise, however his uniform was clean and pressed.
Uniform: CS95
CS95 smock: small Union Flag on left arm and Captains DPM rank slide on front.

CS95 shirt: CS95 Captain rank slide as above, Royal Marine (not Royal Marine Commando) shoulder mudguards with a "Special Forces" mudguard (similar to the US Army ACU tab, but the writing is a more italic style) underneath on both sides and black and green coloured para wings.
His boots are proper worn in, but the toe caps would do a Guardsman proud.
I'm not bothered if he's a fantasist, but something's not quite right here and it's niggling at me.

As i've said, i'm prepared for a slagging, but this is a genuine question as walts really do p!ss me off.


, Royal Marine (not Royal Marine Commando) shoulder mudguards with a "Special Forces" mudguard (similar to the US Army ACU tab, but the writing is a more italic style) underneath on both sides and black and green coloured para wings.

He's a throbber. Out him publicly in front of all your colleagues.


I'm not in the SBS. I do think you're a gigantic thunder cúnt though.


War Hero
If his boasts will put you, the SAR team or your clients in danger then confront him personally. If there is no danger enjoy winding (see how wild the stories get with some encouragement) the silly fooker up when he spins the dits.
Ask him what it's like to fire a cruise missile from a one man submarine or lurk at the bottom of the serpentine during the state opening of parliment.
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