Looking for enthusiastic new-joiners or ex regulars (all ranks), ideally east coast, but can put you in touch with local detachments elsewhere.

For ex Regs, this is money for old rope, social/job networking and a bridge to civvy life.
For new-joiners, its vg prep for a further regular career, cash, reference building for students, paid adventurous trg etc etc.

Details can be found on this link: www.royal-navy.mod.uk/server/show/nav.2975

Or call you nearest Armed Forces Careers Office.

...or question me.


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If I remember the RMR age limits correctly, I'm almost 7 years past my Use By date. I'll just have to wait until the RMR sets up an equivelent to the old TA Home Service Force unit's...


If you have no previous service then the entry ages are fairly firm at 17 - 30, but if you have experience (which could include army) and can pass the medical then this can be a moveable feast. I was over 10 years past my entry age, but got in no probs due to me previous.....If you are genuinely interested, I can find out what your chances are in a purely hypothetical scenario?


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Andy, I will be 39 in July. I served with 2/52 Royal Scots(TAVR) back in the late 80's. I also attempted 23 SAS Selection back in '89. Failed halfway through due to injury. Tried again in 2001. A complete farce; the Course was cancelled due to the Foot & Mouth outbreak after the first weekend. I went back six months later only to be told that my eyesight had deterioated since my first medical, so I was no longer fit for SF(OK for Green Army).
I went to Boots and got checked. Turns out I had a virus that affected my eyesight. Contscted 23, but was informed that by the time it cleared up and my vision had returned to normal, I would have been too old to go onto the next Selection Course.
So, hypothitically, what are my chance?

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