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This is a question on the Royal Marines questionair form.

What branches and specializations can't you do untill completeing a junior command course and achieving the rank of Corporal?

I was wondering if anyone could give me an answer, so far I have alot of conflicting answers and was told to post this on the forum.

Booty never says PWI, only PW. But they do say PTI rather than PT, which is the activity you do in white daps or pumps (trainers to the newbies). As for DL ... it's just easy to say :)
Well I'm stuck. ML is already up there on the web site. Let me have a think. In the meantime what SQs are still at Lympstone? I have looked but the site does not say. It used to say HW (A/Tk and Mortars) and Snipers were trained at CTC but no mention anymore, only sigs and Jnr/Snr CC. Odd. Army Infantry and Support Coy Training sites do now say they train RM specs!! Which ones? :(


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Nah, you can join the RM Police and they'll give you a lance jack stripe. Used to be able to be a pilot as a Cpl but oiks aren't allowed to play with wirrly things anymore. Dont know about the other bits about aircrew though.

I'm scratching my head now, think thats about it.
DLs.. Corps pissed never... fine upstanding men!!!!! My signature is a direct quote from my DL, every feckin 5 mins " 'Ave you done yore dhobi." his other favourite was "You feckin lemon." that and the ability to identify any and all bugle calls and expect us nods to be able to as well (Inability to do so usually involved at least 5 mins of "Ground Arms", as an incentive to do better.) were his good parts.
Blobs - i've got to say that you side line phot throws me off the thread everytime you answer (reminds me of a certain 3/O WRENS at HMS WARRIOR in the late 70s)........... (coughs) speaking as a fomer PW (no i)
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