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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Barrack_Room_Lawyer, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Greetings all, in this clip: click here

    What words of command are the PTI's using?

    Just curious as its a bit different to the lingo us part time pongo gym queens use.


  2. Standby goooooo!! or benda stretcha!!!

  3. [align=center]_____________________________________________________[/align]

    Kinnel' I thought it was going to be words really hard for Perce to comprehend - like showers and soap.

  4. "Round my beautiful body....Goooooah!"
    "On your spots.. gooooooooooAH"
    "Last one round my beautiful body gives me 20"
    "....and one more for the Queen and another for the Corps .....hold it....... and down!!!"
    "Get out of the way of that mirror"
    And finally my personall favourite after a sesh in the gym.
    "You smell like a Pongo on parades armpit.......get away and dhobi your horrible bodies."

    Slow day on ARRSE?
  5. :D Skip lads! Yes skip, with Gay abandon. (picture 40 Nods warming up on the Bottom Field, skipping like girls and flicking their hands in the air, just to amuse the moustachioed PTI on a cold crisp morning).

    Stop fecking loafing lofty (screamed at Nods emerging from the smarty tube, ever so slightly flushed and out a little of breath). :D

  6. [align=center]--------------------------------------------------------------[/align]

    Never saw a Club Swinger with a 'tache and most of them seemed to have shaved legs.... just a thought :oops:

    Back on my spot.................Goooooooooooooooah :wink:


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