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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Leatherneck, Apr 28, 2008.

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  1. The Place: Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center,29 Palms, California. (the middle of no where) The year: 1997, July.

    I was told that the royal Marines had a physical screening test? I mean a teat to see if a lad is fit enough to withstand the physical demands of the Royal Marine lifestyle. Is this true? Cheers. :rambo:
  2. I know the venue of which you speak but i'm unsure of what you mean. I know that when i was over there doing a CAX the lads were struggling with the heat having come from a UK winter. We still managed to ambush and wipe out the USMC Recce troop sent out to find us though!! :dwarf:
  3. I'm not sure what I'm talking about either. Just understood the test to be part of the enlistment process. I might be thinking of the Gurkhas?

    It was a CAX, I was posted there and inspired by the courage of the Royal Marines in many ways. BTW: It took Recon. a long time to live that particular incident down.

    Cheers mate :thumright:
  4. Gurkhas eh!! Now your speaking of an entirely different set of mystical warriors altogether. Muchos respect for those little buggers especially when they have been on the sauce!!

    As for the CAX. It was my first experience of seeing the USMC in all it's entirety. I just had a bit of a monk on with having to wear a flack jacket in the desert in stupid heat having just come from a UK winter and NSSC a la Norway!!

    Deep joy and a great way to lose weight even though i was only 10 stone at the time!! :thumright:
  5. I first heard of the Gurkhas during the British Falklands war. When Margret sent the Gurkhas in the war was instantly over. That's how the story translates over here anyway.

    I had an experience that was a unique one that pertained to the Gurkhas. The unit I was with was, if I recall correctly in Hawaii for some training.
    While were waiting to command to get their plan together, we were egnaging in our own activities to pass the time. Some were having a kip, playing cards, the latest issue of a top shelf mag, ect. The Gurkhas turned and were passing through our position, we saw them coming and a sudden hole opened up to prived the lads with a passage way. You might think the Queen herself was passing.

    Flak jackets in the desert were always a pain in the arse! and having come from Norway for NSSC would have been dreadful. But I put myself in theor boots having had similar experience. I have a lasting admiration for the Royal Marines and a load of gratitude for what they have done for and with us.

    BTW: YOU weren't the lad shaving with a cut throat in the head were ya?
  7. Just checking, the lad with the straight razor had good reason to use a straight razor, besides the ultimate close shave. :thumright:
  8. He was probably preparing to partake in the underwater knife fighting course a' la Poole!! :thumright:
  9. Underwater knife fighting course...now I'm really glad Royal Marines are on our side!

    I asked the lad, as we met each morning in the head, why? why a straight razor? He explained that he went over to a straight razor because his wife used his razors on her legs. "She won't mess with this one mate." I told him no worries I won't mess with it either. I still get a chuckle out of that one. My experience with Royal Marines in California and Desert Shield 1990, was enlightening in many ways. I had a much deeper sense of who I was as a person being from an English family and how I should strive to be as a Marine. I have a RM Commando Wooly Pulley I was given as a gift and an "R" Company Royal Marine Display Team t-shirt. I only wear them on special occassions. Thanks for letting me share a few of my fondest memories with you. :thumright:
  10. R Company eh!!! I believe Mr Bosch of the Harry variety on this site used to be a part of that particular display team. He was quite used to having his arms up in the air but being only a nine year old at the time i'm hardly in a position to judge. :thumright:

    P.S Leatherneck. See explanation of my wittering below



    Mr Bosch as part of J Coy 42 Coy Falklands 1982
  11. Thanks for the education and for sharing some good clean sea stories. The photos look like a familiar scene. Looks like the lads had just come out of a gas chamber.

    My comment about the Gurkhas in the Falklands was not intended to undermind the sacrifice, valour and splendid fighting spirit of the British Royal Marines. I always say "British" because there are other Royal Marines and try not to generalize the term.

    Also noted that in my experience with Bootnecks is that I felt a bonding towards them that went deep inside of me, some sort of spritual bonding that can't be explained. :thumright:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Quote Leatherneck

    "my experience with Bootnecks is that I felt a bonding towards them that went deep inside of me"

    Oh dear :dwarf:
  13. Oh dear. Feeling a bit boner tonight are we?? :thumright:
  14. Sorry mates, bad choice of wording. I was re-stating a point I already made. I got myself backed into a corner now. I meant to say that I saw a "mirrored" reflection of myself in the Bootnecks I was associated with.

    No worries mates, I'm not gay. :whew:
  15. Ah but janner might be. He is a sailyor after all!!

    "You've got something on your heel there mate. Hello sailor"!!
    :thumright: :thumright:
  16. Crikey! Is Janner a girlie sailor? Perhaps a spittin image of Kiera Knightly? Fingers crossed..... :whew:
  17. Kiera knightly!! Good god you obviosly havent been introduced to Kate beckinsale yet then. Good god man!!

  18. LOL :w00t: I always wondered why on vertical assault training we did run-downs with no hands? And then I found out! It was so I could in future wave at all those latino girls .. if were ever over there for a day or two :thumright:
  19. No I can't say that Kate and I have been properly introduced. Would you mind introducing us? :thumright:
  20. Ok, now I understand the hands in the air bit. I should have been a Bootneck, I knew it! Latino girls you could take a few off of our hands here in the US. :thumright:

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