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Hi all.

This is my first post so go easy.

I've searched the forums and the RM website but would like some advice from those in the know.

I'm looking at applying for the Royal Marines as an Officer. The website says that you need 140 UCAS points (which I have) and 2 A levels and that equivilant level Qualifications will be excepted on individual basis. I have AS levels ( three C'c and a D) but have a number of certificates which are at A level Standard, but are vocational. Would it still be worth me applying or should I be looking at OR's?

I've also been serving in the TA for 3years and am a JNCO if that helps.

Thanks in advance :thumright:

I'm sure Ninja Stoker will provide you with the appropriate information you seek.

So bare with it til he sees this post


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If you speak to your ACLO (Area Careers Liaison Officer) & take your certificates, they can advise their equivilancy (ooh, long word!) toward the required 5 GCSE's (A*-C) including Maths & English plus 140 UCAS points at A level- your ACLO can then advise which, if any qualifications/units are required to meet the Officer academic eligibility threshold. This is actually a little more complex than it first appears & the information on the official website is not particularly clear, simply because it's difficult to express.

To achieve 140 UCAS points at A Level you will need a minimum of grades B, B & C (50+50+40 points) at AS level standard & this will need to be verified by the AIB, depending on their acceptance/approval. BUT, if you go on to A2 level & score lower grades, the AS Level grade points will not count.

Generally the concept for accepting 140 UCAS points at AS Level is for candidates well over 18 who have left education but need the 140 points as a minimum requirement for entry as an Officer. An example of this would be someone who left school after completing GCSE's & started an accredited Apprenticeship, earning an HNC, which, depending on the subject taken, has an equivalent to AS Levels with regard UCAS points. Such instances have to be evaluated on an individual basis at the AIB.

Anyone aged 16-18 would be advised to get the points at A2 Level otherwise it would question their motivation & ability to complete their education & would probably not go down particularly well with regard being forwarded for selection after completing AIB.

You can apply for a Corps commission from within the service with just the GCSE's, but you ideally need A2's not AS's to join directly as an officer.

Hope that helps & good luck.
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