Im abit unsure about this, but how do you become a Non-commisioned officer in the royal marines? Do you join as a commando first? Do you need 5 GCSE's and 2 A-levels? How do NCO's differ from Officers? Is it a higher pay band?

And, for the specialisations available to RM commando's, which ones are the higher pay band, and which aren't?

Many thanks for all the help!
Am not a Royal but am sure thats it the same as the RN where an NCO is anyone with the rank of CPL or lower, once you hit the rank of SGT or equivalent you become an SNCO (S being Senior). NCO's/SNCO's don't have the Queens Commission.


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The answers to most of your questions are on the Royal Marines Website- Ranks.

If you write a list of questions and ring your Local AFCO directly, you can have all your questions answered by someone who is qualified to give you the correct advice. Rather do that than be spoon-fed opinions by people who may or may not have the latest up to date information (or dispute answers that you may not happen to agree with).

The prospects of promotion & branch specialisations, whilst "nice to know" & it's good to have a "game plan", are a long way into the future & there's many more immediate hurdles you need to clear before realistically debating what specialisation you would like to be. The odds are the jobs may well change before you get that far.

Good luck fella!


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You join as a recruit, complete the commando training (hopefully) and then, after a couple of years service, complete the junior command course, then, if there is a position vacant, you can get made up to L/Cpl or Cpl. After a few more years you can complete the senior command course and get up to Sgt and onwards.

As already stated, a game plan is useful but bear in mind that as you progress more and more opportunities become apparent so your plan may need to be fairly flexible.

Also remember that what seems important now may not be such a high priority in a couple of years time and vice verca!

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