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RM Mountain Leaders Abseiling Down The Spinnaker Tower To A Fanfare At 12 pm Today

Abseilings great fun Sol. Your safe as houses doing it. If you havent done it I'd recommend it, the higher the better, best of all is free abseiling from a helicopter. ..... Dont try run downs though if your not willing to give it 100%.... it can end badly.:happy7:


War Hero
Do you have a favourite abseiling moment you can tell us about without breaching PERSEC, WB?

BTW, what's a run-down?

PS I suspect that you are probably Rum Ration's most expert abseiler ...

I might give it a go, actually.
Run downs are going face first, not backwards.

I doubt I'm the expert abseiler here, we have members of the STC on board..... enough said.

Abseiling is fun. Standing on the skids of a lynx attached to a rope flying into the "drop/fall zone then dropping your rope and leaping out...tugging like fcuk on the rope to get yourself going (200ft of rope is heavy) and adopting the posing position, arms outstreached, feet together, legs straight. it's great, right up to the last 20 ft when you realise how heavy you and all the kit you've got on is and you have to avoid creaming into the deck.
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