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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by mikey_boi, Mar 29, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys im new to the forum and just wondering what happens during the medical i.e. what med checks eyc and also how is the cough and drop carried out as ive been told there are different ways of it being done
    cheers mikey
  2. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Absolutely correct & welcome to this particular forum.

    The Medical Examination is there to ascertain your fitness to enter service & the Medical Officer conducts a hearing test, colour perception test, a urine sample, checks you blood pressure, listens to your heart & lungs, investigates your previous medical history, measures your height & weight and checks your lower abdomen for a hernia.

    He/she is no more wanting to touch your bits than than you seemingly wish them to, so the same question repeated in a different forum has exactly the same answer. Happily, you and the Medical Officer are of entirely the same frame of mind with regard contact.
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  3. cheers for the info mate so he/she touches the lower abdomen/ groin rather than your old boy and gonads?
  4. It used to be "Cough, are these yours?"

    But we then got a Doc of the female persuasion ^_^; and she just pressed my lower abdomen, I was very disapointed.
  5. cheers guys for the info also I have had numerous grommets put in my ears from a young age the last one when I was 13 I'm now 21 will an have been told my hearing is now perfect will this class as a medical fail sorry to ask so many questions but I've no idea and would appreciate any help cheers
  6. Re: grommets - shouldn't be a problem - good luck.
  7. thanks again guys
  8. sorry to be a pain guys a million and one questions i know,just to clarify the cough and drop aint used any more and the test is carried out on the lower abdomen(above the old boy - around pubic line (under bellybutton) also does the doc test your scrotum for swelling etc
    cheers mikey
  9. Why are you so concerned about this? The test is to check for hernias (where you cough as the MO places his/her fingers at the bottom of the abdomen, near your femoral pulse (Google inguinal hernial orifice if you want to see)) and also to make sure both balls have dropped. Just a general medical: nothing to worry about.

    You'll be getting your kit off in front of a lot more people if you get in, if you're worried about your modesty, and there's no point trying to hide something: it will be found and if you have lied you risk being booted.

    Take it like a man!
  10. Im not worried about the test or taking my kit off i got nothing to hide, i was just under the impression that the test was tou dropped you boxers and the med officer placed his/her hand under the scrotum and you coughed,
  11. You're wondering whether to conduct pube admin before hand aren't you?
    If so just go for the short back and sides to make the fella look larger.

    The doc will probably give your balls a bit of a stroking so he will need to get round your scrote, although not necessarily.

    Their supposed to do the finger in the arse job but depending on how pussers he is he will probably leave it out, he could however be a harry von pussers keen as you like young thruster (pardon the pun), in which case you're in for a treat.

    I don't know what the concern is anyway, you'll soon be doing it for fun like all the other bootnecks. :thumright:
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    The issue with Royal is trying to stop him getting his bits out at the most inappropriate moments , quite frankly.

    Perhaps you maybe considering the wrong service? [​IMG]
  13. not an issue i play rugby for a side where nakedness is classed as bonding along with many other daft initiation rituals (sprog olympics, naked rugby etc) as i have stated before just needed info on how the test was carried out, as for the service i imagine the same initiations and rituals are carried out on a regular basis
  14. Naked rugby????sounds like you are three quarters the way to being a bootneck already :dwarf:
  15. In fact that's our troop phys when we get back. :dance:
  16. Naked rugby all fun and games until someone gets a little tug on the old tool good stuff though, does any one know why they test the lower adbomen rather than placing the hand under the balls for the test sorry guys just a bit confused sorry for being a duffer i must have done your noggins in
  17. The prodding around the lower abdomen is to test for a hernia while the touching of the balls is to see if they've dropped properly.
  18. cheers guys
  19. I thought it was because the QARRN fancied me . Damn. :thumright:
  20. Can i fail the medical if i have hayfever (not severe providing medication has been taken)
    cheers mikey

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