RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation...

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by stumpy, Mar 24, 2008.

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  1. Re: RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    I am fcuking sickend.........why do you lot in the UK not vote these inept cnuts out................I was reading somewhere that some nancy boy council jockey got over 300000 pay out for stress.

    Achmed is seriously thinking of returning to the UK to stand as an MP
  2. Re: RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    You wait my hearties! There is a General Election due in the next couple of years, the electorate will be promised everything :pukel: . Tax cuts (where is the money coming from?) Better NHS, Schools, prisons better immigration controls, better policing. The Labourites will believe all the promises and forget the past,and bl***y well vote them back in :tp:
    The other 2 parties have got nothing better to offer :toilet:
    I did say earlier where is the money coming from! Where has the current tax money gone?????
  3. Our goverment is shit tbh.

    Labour for 12 years, and what difference has it made? Just tony blair brown nosing George Bush and bought us into another war.

    We need a bloody better goverment that does make a better NHS and schools. Sorts out the dicipline and law in this country, because atm is a fcuking joke! Better immigration control. Pisses me off about them coming into this country illegally and telling us how to live, saying we can't be a christianic country and have to be muslim.

    We should form our own party, right here right now!
  4. Re: RM loses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    To lose one limb is unfortunate. To lose three is downright careless.....has he looked where he last had them..... :dwarf:

    Seriously though, I am underwhelmed that once again one of our own is let down by the system.
    Consider that if he was so much as dropped off the hospital bed by a civvie and "hurt his back" he would get a lifetime of DLA and be able to sue, its pretty risible that having had his legs blown off he will not get the best of everything. If "thats the way the system works" and its totally wrong, then change it.

    And a goverment toad comments;
    I'm really hoping he is in the category of being eligible to receive such payment. If you are reading this, civil service types, do the right thing.
  5. I am curious about this tax free monthly payment, because it is inly paid when you leave. Therefore if you loose a leg, and through sheer guts and hard work serve out the rest of your 22 so that you get your pension, is the injury payment then reduced as you have the pension?
  6. because he is only scratched according to the MoD.

    they also state "Those with more severe injuries were eligible for an extra tax-free, index-linked monthly payment"

    Ah, that's alright then, tax-free, come on guys how can you be more generous than that, it's tax free.

    I haven't seen the official paper on this, but I would bet anything that it IS reduced.
  7. Re: RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    And some nancy civvy woman (RAF typist) got £400,000 because she hurt her thumb.
  8. Re: RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    At present along with other members of the British Nuclear Test Veterans Association I am trying to get a payment from the MOD. But at the speed that the litigation is taking even more nuke vets will be dead. If we get anything it won't be a lot. :pukel:
  9. Re: RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    FFS :pukel:
  10. Re: RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    Haven't you heard? This shower of she-ite were voted in by 32% of the 26% that voted! They even took away the voting rights of most service personel who were overseas - just to make sure!

    With Bliar, Gorgon Broon and arsewipes, a non-majority-elected dictatorship was created.

    Give the illegals everything they want, and their rights to the best legal team the taxpayer can afford, and give the poor bastard who is fighting for all this absolutely SFA!!!

    [align=center]Come the revolution, Brothers[/align]

  11. What a shower of shite the MOD is, some fecker of a Civil Servant needs a good reaming for this decision.
    These are the same people who if they are even asked to stay overnight in a barracks/mess throw a wobbler.
    And 'they' wonder why the Forces have retention/manning problems.
    This by the way is the young Bootie who was offered the trip to Spain by ARRSE members.
  12. Achmed will be throwing more money in to the ARRSE appeal once the Gimpball Rally is complete :thumright:
  13. Bloody appalling

    This is absolutely bloody appalling. I remember last year when some civilian tart who worked for the RAF got 450,000 because she hurt her finger on her keyboard.

    How the hell can the govermnent and in particular the panel who set these awards get it so wrong?

    I find the whole system to be absolutely pathetic.


  14. Re: RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    My good wishes go to him and he will over come any problems as he is trained above all others.
    I despise the MOD and by definition the Government who ask this from our people.
    I don't want to be flippant at such a sad thing but had he sprained his thumb typing out an injury request they would happily pay out 300k as they have done in the past! Oh sorry! they were civvies same as MP,s.
    Good luck to you mate,they have our contempt that's all I can say.Best wishes
  15. Re: RM losses 3 limbs and not entitled to full compensation.

    thats f*cking disgracefull :threaten:
    grab your rakes boys

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