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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by per_ardua_51, Jul 27, 2008.

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  1. This is NOT repeat NOT an attempt to get a bite, just some thoughts to be thrown into the arena!

    I am a member of the RAF Regiment and I think it is fair to say that over the past 60 years we have been very much the poor relation of the Big Three. I am convinced, however, that things are starting to change rapidly and with respect, if you in the RM can't see it too you must be pretty blind to the attitudes of the wider infantry world.

    Due to a number of factors, I think the RM (with the exception of a few specialised units) are now seen as quite 'bog-standard' skills wise, thnaks to the poor preformance in Afghanistan commented on by the USMC, due to the HMS Cornwall debacle and due to the consistent failure of the RM to measure up in the SFSG where the paras are now requesting RAF Regiment troops in preferance to the RM.

    The RAF has gained significant combat experience in Afghanistan and Iraq and I'm afraid that the RM have lagged behind and the cracks are beginning to show. It would be a tragedy if the old commando myth die out so come on lads - buck up!

    I am a big fan of the RM and we are all in this together but the fact is that the age of the marine appears to be closing whilst the rise of the rock ape is just getting started.

    Still, respect to you ALL.

    Per Ardua
  2. Big Three?
  3. Big Three = The Parachute Regiment, The Royal Air Force Regiment and the royal marines.
  4. Hahaha in your dreams. Piss poor effort.
  5. This thread in the light of 1 George cross and 8 MORE MC's to name but a few awards given to the corps

    Lame effort.
  6. Fair play to them, fair play. It's a tidy haul. By the RAF Regiment have been in for the long haul and are forgotten about by the higherarcy. The RM punch above their weight but things are flipping.
  7. Without researching it i would be led to believe that the RM have probably recieved more gongs after 1 of their tours in the past 5 years than the RAF reg have probably earnt in their entire history. Correct me if im wrong i wouldnt give a toss.
  8. This guy is a cock, Yes we repect what the RAF regiment have done in Afghan recently but the RM and Army crack regiments have been doing this since the Boer War.
    Is this a bite or what?
  9. I wasn't having a bloody go!! Jesus - this is precisely why your corps is going to ratsh1t! One bit of constructive criticism and you throw your teddy in the corner (or should that be your mits in the air?).

    Lighten it./
  10. I'm having difficulty what you are trying to achieve with this thread to be honest. I can see where these ideas might come from though. Admittedly the progress in afghanistan has been and is still slow to put it mildly, however given the terrain and local knowledge of the taliban the fact that any progress it being made at all is in my book impressive.
    It's important to remember that the russians were in afghan for years and years with more manpower and equipment than we could dream of fielding and still couldn't hold it. The war in afghan will be won (eventually) by talking to the enemy, which it seems is starting to happen seriously.
    To say that the slow progress in afghanistan is down to a lack of soldiering ability within the royal marines is simply wrong and frankly insulting.
    I'm trying my very hardest to keep this non emotive but an RAF regiment airman saying that a royal marines commando is "bog standard" as a soldier is bare faced cheek. Once you have come back from the all arms commando course and passed it with ease, then, and only then will you be qualified to make criticisms of the standard of the average bootneck.
  11. TROLL - Go back to guarding something mundane.
  12. And when you have earnt your mud-guards, you can gob off about the RAF REGIMENT.
  13. Innovative Mr Grantham.
  14. Yes it's true the Roayl Marines lack of Airfield, Main Gate Guard, bullying/Big timing it with 'Ordinary' RAF Types skills are a worry.
    However if you want to talk about soldiering then get a life and join a real Unit you wind up merchant.
    The Big 3 is a myth created by some RAF Reg clown who was a bit bored on the Airfield patrol one day and mentioned the idea to his Boss, who thought and I quote.
    "I say, wizard wheeze, I can finally hold my head up high when I go to Inter Services Confrences....now if only I can get at least 1 Para and 1 Royal to agree with me all will be good in my little world..." He's still searching.
    RAF Reg are like the guys with huge muscles down at the gym, all show and piss and wind, one good toeing and their soon running.
  15. Who apart from the RAF Reg does gob off about them.
    **** on daydream believer.
  16. Too quote a PJI at Abingdon don't go rubbing shoulders with that RAF Regiment shite.
  17. Top marks. That did make me laugh. :w00t:
  18. As the RAF Reg are gate guards, does that make them as good as MOD gate guards?

    Only asking.
  19. This sounds to me like your very jealous at what the Corps is doing and your not enough of a man to bin the RAF Regt and try for something with a bit more credibility. Correct me if i'm wrong but the RAF Regt are responsible for guarding airfields in a force protection role so how can things flip when they do a completely different job to the RM?? From a personal point of view, friends of mine who are in the RAF only seem to do minimal work and are off jollying for the rest of time and the only real people i have any respect for are the RAFR guys from the medivac Sqn at Lyneham who i have worked with first hand. Oh and finally it might not be a good idea marching to scran as a squad as the bloody mortar strikes can do alot of damage :thumright:

    In short bore off your a knobber!!

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