RM instructor puts gun in recruits mouth

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by royalbumbaclod, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. A former Royal Marines instructor is on trial in Exeter accused of assaulting a young recruit by placing a loaded handgun in his mouth.

    Brian Bannister, who was 17 at the time, claims the incident has caused him to suffer with post traumatic stress disorder. The instructor says the incident never happened.

    The alleged assault is said to have taken place at the Commando Training Centre at Lympstone in the summer of 1991, but only came to light when Royal Marine Brian Bannister was involved in a car crash in 1998 and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

    He says he's plagued every day with flashbacks to his basic training when a weapons instructor, Corporal David Everall lost his temper and pointed a pistol - which the recruit believed to be loaded - in the 17 year old's face, and told him to put the end of the barrel in his mouth.

    Corporal Everall's finger is said to have been on the trigger.

    "I was scared" Bannister said, "I thought, what's he doing? We had always been told by the Corporals never to point a weapon at anyone unless you were intending to kill them". "He stuck the gun in my face, and stood there grinning, I was in tears" "I was crying my eyes out, I was pleading, it was like he was enjoying it. I can't get that look out of my mind," He told the court yesterday.

    Brian Bannister continued in the Royal Marines, including two tours in Bosnia, for seven years until his car crash. Only then did the alleged incident at Lympstone return to haunt him, he testified that before the road accident he had forgotten all about it, but now he lives with the memories every day.

    Another former recruit, Julian Maxwell testified that he had seen Bannister on his knees with the instructor holding the pistol in the recruit's mouth, but he didn't know if the weapon was loaded.

    The defence in this case claims the incident never happened, and that Brian Bannister's post traumatic stress disorder was caused by the road accident. David Everall who also has since left the Royal Marines denies causing actual bodily harm and affray.

    The trial continues today.
  2. A trainee bootie crying? Never. They're super human.

    To be honest, after reading all John Douglas's horror stories about life on the G Spot* NOTHING about basic training shocks me anymore.... well only occasionally, but that involved bottles, female trainess, mobile telephony and Raleigh. Even I've never been THAT desperate for stimulation. :pukel:

    *Tales of the Trogs
  3. Sorry but all I hear is a bloody till ringing cherCHING :roll:
  4. any rumours that ive been seen on my knees in front of my raleigh instructor are completly false,

    i got through raleigh on my own merit and not because i could suck a golf ball through a hosepipe
  5. Most bootnecks I know seem to get off on runs ashore in womens clothing wots that all about!!!
  6. I'd heard she'd grabbed your ears and used them to direct your face and tongue in the appropriate direction. It's a good thing you'd polished her boots beforehand! :toothy2:

    Nuclear umbrella up awaiting incoming.... eagerly! :dwarf:
  7. I agree with you Lamri. If this had happened then why didn't he report it further up the chain of command?? Yes there are "Incidents" occasionally but i very much doubt this happened.
  8. it was going good until she wanted a bit extra wetness and i threw a grolly all over her lippys

    not good then
  9. I was jumped on, booted *********** and had an SMG foresight bounced off me bonce, the impression of which can still be felt in my poor wee skull 30 years later. I was being a bonehead slightly before all these injuries/incidents occured, I'm not condoning the Instucting methods, but it certainly cured me of Boneheaditis, well until the next time.
    I feel a call to the press and a Human Rights lawyer coming on big time.
  10. Sounds like he was lucky it was just a gun. At least it didnt go off in his face!
  12. That Central Reference Librarian is a real nails $#%^.
  13. Its easier to trap off women wearing birds clothes, Achmed used to wear a nice black little number with high leg catapillar boots........never failed to trap off....Ahem
  14. Twated, beasted kicked around like a rag doll, verbally abused, physically abused.......the list could continue :threaten: ahh but it made me the man i am today :rendeer:
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  16. Dunno about all you guys, but having a weapon at all in a recruits mouth.... wait, you were talking about a handgun?

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