RM I.D Card Found

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by BoxKickerSubs, Mar 24, 2016.

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  1. Evening all,
    today I found an ID card belonging to a Royal Marine. This was found on the floor of a service station south bound on the M6. I will be handing it in to the RM Section at Faslane when I am back in Scotland on Tuesday.
    If he wants to contact me then please inbox me.

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  2. surely to much info for PERSEC
  3. If you found it in a south-bound location taking it to Faslane is just taking the ........:D

  4. The M6 and Scotland isn't really narrowing down anyone's location is it?
  5. The original post contained name and last 4. Keep up
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  6. Which has been edited, I haven't invented time travel yet so didn't see the original, perhaps you should have 'kept up' and edited yours to reflect the change.
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  7. :rolleyes: pah!
  8. Card handed in, MODS please close this thread.
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