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Discussion in 'RMR' started by Alaska_Marine, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Need some help...
    I am trying to determine the name of the "watch cap" style soft hat that Royal Marines wear. Not the Beret, but the cold weather field cover.
  2. Do you mean the Cold weather summer cap?

    The one your allowed to wear in Norway when you have passed NSSC.

  3. Not sure...I watched a documentry on RM training and the recruits were wearing it in the field before they got their Berets. Would you have a picture of the hat you're describing?
  4. If your on about what I think you're on about, its called a Cap Comforter. Traditionally worn by any soldiers undergoing commando training.
  5. Thanks Benny...Cap Comforter it is. I was able to find a picture of it once I had a name.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Noddy hat?
  7. Thats the one Blobbs.
  8. Every bootneck i've ever seen is wearing a green beret! Even in the "Stan" bet they had them on under their helmets.
  9. are the cap comforter hats worn by RM reruits sewn shut at one end?

    every pic ive seen them in they dont seem to be folded down to one side.

    or am i just seeing things?
  10. Short answer is no mate. You learn to fold and then iron them so that they stay in place!!
  11. Kinell! that's the thing we 'G'Spot baby sailors used to wear on expeds, all it is, is a bl**dy scarf (the comforter) folded a couple of times and stuck on the head.
    Looked damned silly with white tape and your name sewn in red silk on the side when we did wear it. :oops:

    I thought it were something really 'in your face' killer bootie headgear ! :(
  12. The cap comforter is only worn by Recruits during the Commando phase of Training, once all the Commando Tests have been satisfactorily completed it is exchanged for the Green Lid of the steely eyed death dealin' Sprog Marine.

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