RM disgrace!!

It's the Sun, for gawds sake!

How innocent is the guy posing for photos looking like butter wouldn't melt?

There's two sides.


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Mcintosh is still a mong for rising to being wound up (which I suspect is what happened). All humour aside, he is not putting the RM as a whole in a good light. He has already been suspended by sky for a previous offence, and is in trouble again. When there are continually reports of marines being blown up in afghan on the news, this c*nt is wondering the streets getting into fights, subsidised by the MOD and sky.
Tornado, once romantically linked with model Danielle Lloyd
Or maybe that should be 'Daniel' - the other one is just one of your commona slags.

And before you google her and say "I would", I never said I wouldn't.
Yeah, the civvy's a right little angel ain't he..."He flashed over nothing.", hmm wonder what that could mean, perhaps something like him saying to his 6 mates "There's that cnut Tornado from telly, let's have him lads." end result he gets a hiding and then runs off to The Scum to make a few quid.
The Scum at it's finest, what's the bet you could go through it's archives and find stories with headlines like 'Marine hero to be next Gladiator' etc etc.
Not a good look for the Corps, but I think we all know of (Or been involved in) incidents of civvy 'hardmen' having a pop at servicemen, usually when backed up with superior numbers, to prove how tough they are. This sounds like one of those occasions.
Warning to civvys. Don't act all surprised if you pull the tiger's tail and it then turns around and bites you.
I hate the sun! they will do ANYTHING to sell papers. I would of took this story more serious if it had been wrote by another paper.

I bet if the CCTV cameras are watched they were both bad as each other. Tornado should of acted a bit more professional about the situation and the other guy should of thought twice about picking a fight with a 15st guy.


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I agree that the civvies were obviously in the wrong, but still, Tornado is a big boy and should be able to keep his temper under control. The Sun is what it is, the article is one that you would expect to see in this paper.
Okay, so Mne McIntosh gets bottled and has to keep his temper. :rambo:
The Sun fuels the fire with it's headline then in the last few paragraphs seems to infer that perhaps Mne McIntosh was the 'victim'. Let's wait until it goes to Court, eh?


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(granny) said:
I'm a bit lost here. Can someone explain to me how a ?'serving'member of the armed forces can be 'seconded' to sky??
It's a sabbatical mate, like Rory Underwood playing rugby.
For what it's worth, no doubt the bloke deserved it (think of similar cases, Lesley Vanikolo, Steven Gerrard etc.) but, blokes given chances like this must maintain their self discipline, or their mates should keep shark watch and **** them off in a cab if the red mist descends.
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