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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by tornado, Aug 29, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    I have just got a few questions about deploment:

    1) How long out after passing the initial training could you be deployed?

    2) Is it correct that deployments last 6 months?

    3) I heard that you get 2 weeks R&R off during a deployment, is this correct?

    4) Do you just get 1 R&R break durring a deploment?

    5) Also do you only get deployed once a year?

  2. Different deployments are different lengths with different R&R..

    1. You will only deploy "Operationally" after you have completed ALL the required pre deployment training.

    2. Not always.

    3. Usually.

    4. Normally yes.

    5. This depends on the Unit you join, and just what they have planned. You could go to Norway in jan followed by a trip elsewhere before deploying to Afghan. I left a few yrs ago and would often spend at least 6 months a yr away. Guys now could be doing more.
  3. 1) Can be stright away, depends on the manpower and situation. Usually you will have to do pre deployment training.

    2) Deployments can vary , anything from a couple of months to over 6 months, my last op was 7 but you do get the time back one way or another.

    3)They do try and give you your 2 weeks off but dont assume you are gonna get it every time.

    4)Usually its just the one.

    5)Depends who you are with. Viking tp are doing something like 3 on 3 off, but usually its every 18 months, but if you get drafted that goes out of the window. Also as mentioned just cause you are not on ops you still go away Norway etc.
  4. Thanks for help, I want to join soon. Just working on my fitness and convincing parents its a good thing to do :)

    Have you got any advice for convincing parents too?
  5. On your own on that one mate, i joined up when i was 18, but the only thing i can say is when you get in tell your parents dont bother watching the news, as the unit will keep your next of kin updated usually, the media does not do a very good job at reasuring parents, as my parents were worried to death when i was involed in ops in Iraq.
  6. yea the media is crap :evil: I told my dad a week a go, went down badly especially with the news lately, just got my mum to tell now :?
  7. Just tell her your gay...when she comes down from the deckhead say its not as bad as that it just that I'm joining up....results either she'll be relieved or will kill you herself... best of luck either way! :wink:
  8. :D LOL, thanks
  9. Thanks everyone for being so helpfull :D

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