RM Chaplain Speaking On R4, "Soul Music - Brothers In Arms"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. "Soul Music" on R4 is a series which covers a different piece of music each week; those who contribute to the programme as interviewees talk about the significance that particular piece has for them.

    One of the contributors to this particular programme is the Rev. Nigel Beardsley, a Chaplain to the Royal Marines.

    He starts to speak just about 9:45 minutes into the programme and continues until about 14:52.

    BBC Radio 4 - Soul Music, Series 14, Brothers in Arms
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  2. I've just been listening to the above - which has just been repeated on R4. I've signed up (having come over for the day from ARRSE) to thank Rev Nigel Beardsley RN, for his beautiful contribution. He sounds like a good bloke.
  3. Agree totally, carpeted.
  4. I too listened at lunchtime and was suitably impressed by "the Bish", particularly his dit about memories of his son and his subsequent care of the young Royal.

    BZ that man, the sort of Padre who one could assume well earns his keep.


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