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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Achmed, Mar 31, 2009.

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  1. Lads, i here you lot are coming over to Dubai for St Georges Ball...If you want agood run ashore PM me....the chinese ladies will be pleased to see u.
  2. If it's booties going over, you'd be better with Chinese men or small Filipino boys. It's a medically proven fact (as detailed in an enthralling article in this months Karachi Gazette) that all Royals have an inherited genetic gene that predisposes them to seek the company of other naked men and to indulge in nudey c0ck and bum fun. It is also a well known scientifically proven fact that there is a massive 'scene' in the Royal Marines where apparently it is de rigeur to take as much schlong as possible in any available hole.
    I would therefore like to state here and now that although these poor unfortunate souls are blighted by the constant urge to inflate their oppo or to indulge in nudey leapfrog games with other men, I have nothing but the highest admiration for them and the job that they are currently doing. Just goes to show that you can be as hard as nails and still enjoy brushing your teeth with the meat toothbrush and using man milk as toothpaste!
  3. Er.. RonJeremy, you did notice that it's Royal Marines Band we're talking about here ... ?
  4. That only means their professionally qualified to blow your bugle/pink oboe etc

  5. Yes, I'm aware of that. I have nothing but the deepest admiration for a man who can carry a large drum and hit it repeatedly whilst simultaneously walking. Likewise, should it ever be neccessary for me to be in the company of someone rhythmically striking a small triangular shaped piece of metal then the Royal Marines would be my first choice. However, the fact remains that should I ever find myself bent over a table, hog tied to the legs, naked, with a ball gag in my mouth and my arse cheeks at a quarter to three then I would prefer not to have a naked Royal Marine in the same room as me. It may be a personal choice and I'm sure there are individuals out there who would beg (literally) to differ with my preference but I stand by my decision.
  6. Actually, I go past the School of Music quite a lot and see them going in and out of HMS Nelson - some of them are quite nice looking females ...
  7. Ah dear, the envy of poor deluded fools when even the mention of better men than them is raised, never fails to raise a laugh from me. :roll:
    Ron you can fantasise all you wish, but I'm afraid the sight of your well reamed and prolapsed ringpiece would turn most Royals stomachs.
    We prefer our victims.. er I mean sexual partners chocolate starfishes to be be intact prior to entry.
  8. Ha,the good old days of New Entries: Have that boy washed and sent to my cabin :twisted:

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