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RM Band Service Reunion Weekend 2012

The RM Band Service Reunion will take place at HMS Nelson, Portsmouth
from 1900 on Saturday 13th October 2012
(No accommodation is available in HMS Nelson)
1900 Guests arrive at HMS Nelson Senior Rates Mess Upper Bar
2000 Ceremonial Marching Display (Bar will close 10 min before performance)
o/c Bar reopens
2359 Bar closes
0030 All guests clear of HMS Nelson

The RM Band Service Memorial Service will take place at St Thomas of Canterbury (Portsmouth Cathedral), High Street, Old Portsmouth
at 1045 on Sunday 14th October 2012
1045 Guests to be seated in St Thomas of Canterbury (Portsmouth Cathedral), High Street, Old Portsmouth
1100 Orchestra commences

The cost for the reunion is £20 per person. Please make cheques payable to:
Blue Band Magazine’, completing the form below, enclosing a stamped
addressed envelope and sending to:
RMBS Reunion, Blue Band, HQBSRM, Eastney Block, HMS Nelson,
Queen Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 3HH.

The dress for the evening is Lounge Suit/female equivalent.

1. You must include your postcode and telephone number.
2. Don’t forget to send a stamped self addressed envelope.
3. Entry to HMS Nelson is by Queen Street gate only.
4. There is no accommodation available in HMS Nelson.
5. There are no parking facilities in HMS Nelson

FULL NAMES_____________________________
ADDRESS (To include postcode)

email: __________________________________

Tel: __________________________________

Full Names of Guests:

1. ________________________

2. ________________________
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