RM and Operational Allowance?

I haven't seen this commented upon yet, but it's also in the Telegraph:


I am assuming it's the payment of the Operational Allowance under JPA that is causing an issue, or LSA? Obviously not Home To Duty payments!

Are any HR staff (formerly known as UPO staff) or RM able to shed light on this?


An MoD spokeswoman said: " . . . . . it is important to note that they are not taking a cut."

Well, I guess that's alright then :roll:


I've read it too - absolutely disgusting.
Its nothing more than we expect from Bliar and his cronies, but the Second Sea Lord is quoted as saying " it has happened at a bad time for morale" - understatement of the year?.

Suggestion - next time Bliar or his cronies visit a service base - politely decline to shake hands with them (I hate to imagine where his fingers have been anyway).