everyone im very keen to go aircrewman and have heard it might be quite hard to get in aircrewman as a royal marine can any one shed some light
on how to go about following that great carrer and what to do to make it happen

thanks aston1
Being that there aren't many Marines on here aston I suggest you might want to try asking at an Armed Forces Careers Office. Many people who use this site are ex-RN or ex-RM so what they tell you might be out of date.

You may already have seen this site but it's worth a look: www.royal-marines.mod.uk
I see from a previous post you are Army and wished to transfer to RM ? This would therefore be your first avenue.

Royal Navy Aircrewman (ACMN) are selected form within the RN and RM, namely you come from a source “branch†(Cook Mechanic Seaman etc) an upper age limit does apply 27 I think.

There are two strands to ACMN branch. Jungley (Commando Helicopter force, Sea King MK4) this is about 50/50 Marine / Navy. The other is Maritime Aircrewman which means Merlin in ASW / ASuW roles.

I here there is a RM on Merlin course at present.

In sum suggest you approach your system to start a Transfer to RM (or in deed RN) After that you will have to compete for an Aircrewman place, I imagine you will need to complete at least one operational tour as a Booty before being considered for ACMN. That is unless you already have a transferable skill such as Air Gunner.


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