River class patrol vessel


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Okay, easy does it. OP presents as a teenager and teenagers are annoying.

OP, take heed there’s a good young thruster.

Scrabbling for opinions? Advice for Younker OP.

1. Park your quest for 'opinions' from RR for now -
Much more important to prepare yourself for every aspect of your Application.

2. Careful searching of RR will pull in almost everything you'll need to know but yr AFCO is the only official source - Use him but avoid questions which make you look demanding/stupid.

3. Read, study & absorb current & back copies of the monthly Navy News (clue is in the title).

4. When your shore training draws to an end you'll already have gained a fair impression of what vessels are available ATT. What might seem to be attractive will likely be everyone's else's popular choice too.

5. Expect to hear: 'Exigencies of the Service'. This translates as Life in a blue suit, suck it up & boldly go wherever you are sent.

Toodle-Pip, Pipsqueak :WINK:

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