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RISK....advice needed.

The little buggers have gone to bed and this is the story so far.

I have Australasia but defend it at Indonisia (same continent)

I have South America but have pushed out my defence to North Africa and Central America.

I am pitted against a team of highly skilled military strategists. (O.K teenage girls) Losing would not be good.... :oops:

The game restarts tomorrow afternoon.

What do you reckon, go for North America or Asia first?


Lantern Swinger
Ha, when I read the first 2 lines I thought it was going to be about a court case in Indonesia! Teach me to wake up properly!

I would reinforce your defences in Oz to try and stop anyone else kicking you out there. Similarly in Brazil, then push up through N. America. I like to sweep up in a good old fashioned line over a few goes. Taking the whole of the Americas is good because they only have 3 borders to protect.
Sorry Blobs, I didn't realise you were being serious. In that case, I recommend consolidating your forces in Patagonia before using the 5th variation of von Clauswitz's triumviral thrust to take Central America. But make sure you don't over-extend your logistics chain. You could then adapt Alexander's ploy (as modified by the 1923 Tintagel Conference) to launch across the Gulf of Mexico into Florida before applying Stalin's scorched earth technique up the East Coast to link with Canada. Finish off by using Cortes's Leap to extend westwards to the Pacific and Bob's your uncle.

You'll no doubt be pleased to hear that I make no charge for initial consultations.


Lantern Swinger
Are you playing that game in James bond? The one where it zaps you when you loose?

Respect!!! I'm a cissy when it comes to pain and I can't even do 'knuckles' with cards!

[I'm sitting her thinking is W-B the hardest gal in the RN? and I'm quite disturbed how much I enjoy that thought! :) ]


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Consolidate defence then into North America. Asia's just too hard to keep.

Edited to add, can't believe we're posting Risk tactics on here! :lol:


War Hero
Defo take the US first. It's easy to hold on to Oz as the avenue of attack is strictly limited. Creep up the US whilst building up forces in OZ. This will allow you to make a two pronged attck on Asia later.


Be aware that jounos often trawl this site in order to produce crap newspaper articles. WB's plan to dominate the World, with the help of others, could be misconstrued as a plot against humanity!
I lost...... :oops:

But in my defence I was winning but decided on a kamikaze charge of the mong battalions from OZ and Brazil taking out most of Africa, Asia and Europe in a oner which left me dangerously exposed to counter attack.

C'mon, dads are meant to lose arent they? Trouble was I had to take them out for a meal for losing.... :cry:
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