RIR Homecoming

as some of you may remeber i posted a topic about the RIR homecoming parade. it has just been announced now that the parade will still go ahead but there will be no fly past, the band is not allow to play any regimental music and the soldiers are not allowed to carry their weapons. i think the northern ireland government and the parades commision are making a real joke out of this, they are turning it into a 12th with all the stupid restrictions being put on it! :rambo:
Sorry mate, all that other stuff is just stuff. With the crowd cheering home the boys, who needs a flypast or a band playing regimental music?
I honestly think that the homecoming will be better without them.
Also, the feckwits can't moan either, can they?


Lantern Swinger
yea but tbh can you see anyone kicking off with a couple of companies of blokes??? personally i think it would be quite amusing! it would certainly be a good form of 'decompression' for the lads!
I think it demonstrates the Sinn Fein/ira attitude to the 'Peace Process' and their 'liberal assistance' to making a peaceful Ulster rather than the myth that it is. They say they will also 'control' the dissident rabble as well. My RS !!

Usual modus operandi for them...protest with vigour....step back a bit and leave the opposition to look inept.....as they sadly seem to be

No one seems to notice that the nationalists have taken the position that they accused the Protestants of in 1969

Maybe some day we will know the truth about how Neu liebur blew smoke up our RS's

Mini rant over

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