Ripper's Voice found and jailed!


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Poor families having to go through this being brought up again!

The man who deceived police during the Yorkshire Ripper case with false claims he was the killer has been jailed for eight years at Leeds Crown Court.
John Humble taunted detectives when he claimed to be the Ripper in three letters and an audio tape in the 1970s.

His actions made police concentrate their hunt in Sunderland while the Ripper continued to kill in Yorkshire.

Humble, 50, of Flodden Road, Sunderland, had admitted four charges of perverting the course of justice.

Judge Norman Jones told him his offences were at the upper end of seriousness when it came to perverting justice.

Ripper 'encouraged'

The judge said it could not be said Humble's actions caused or directly led to the deaths of three women who were murdered after the hoax letters and tapes had moved the focus of the police investigation to Sunderland.

Nor could it be said the killer would have been caught earlier had it not been for Humble.

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Well at least justice has finally caught up with the nutter and he will be out of circulation for a good while and as you so rightly say JD, it is tragic that the families of the victims have been reminded once again of those awful events.


remember phoning the number cos lived in yorks at the time - was a chilling message and v.authentic - no wonder cops were fooled