Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Haggis_Catcher, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. won cock of the week two week running?
    is this nails in disguise.
  2. I think he is just a dribbling, attention seeking fcuktard with nothing better to do than post utter shoite on an internet forum. It is a great wheeze to watch how he tries to deal with the replies to his posts though. And a well deserved winner i feel.
  3. 2 votes for Nails reincarnation then. :wink:
    Ripper seems to be lazy, naive, green as grass and not a fast learner, but there would be few of us who could look back at our 16/17 year old selves and not cringe a bit at some of our numptiness.
    That being said some are obviously dafter than others.
  4. 3 elder brothers in the MOB, 3 elder brothers in the Army, so I kept my mouth shut. :silent:
  5. Not me shippers, I was even more awsome then than I am now. Joined the mob just after my 16th birthday and was pretty much raised by my sea daddy and killick of the mess.

    I rocked.
  6. Same here, just 16 when I joined. I was a fcuking snaggy cnut then, and even worse now.

    God bless RN school of development. Just hope my nipper want's to be a cnut like me.

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