RIP Sir Jimmy



Sir Jimmy Saville has died today aged 84, he was an honorary Commando, so RIP Sir Jimmy.

He could be eccentric a bit but he was a one off and I admired him.
What he did for charity was awesome, a great deal of it unsung.
RIP Sir Jimmy and "Now Then!Now Then!"


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Yorkshire Evening Post said:
The dad-of-two said: “He did all the component parts: a 30-mile cross country run across Dartmoor; a 12-mile load carrying march; and a nine mile speed march. Even the tunnels, except the underwater one as it reminded him of his mining accident.

“My boss said at the end ‘what do you think?’ I said if you rounded somebody off the street they wouldn’t have done the half of it. Jimmy Savile was 42 and did 90 per cent. So he got his beret.”

Good old Royal.

Successfully completes 3/4 Commando tests = 90% :-D


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I thought the cameraman/doc maker who did that series on basic trg also earned his green lid????


Commando - Chris Terrill's own experience of training with the elite Royal Marines Commandos and winning his own green beret before following them to the front line in Afghanistan. He writes graphically about the way young men are plunged into one of the planet's most dangerous wars in the outlaw mountain terrain of Helmand Province. He tells of ferocious battles against the Taliban, of firefights, of jaw-dropping heroism, British sangfroid and humour, and tragedy as casualties are suffered.

He was 55 ish at the time he did it.
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You are quite correct Guns, At the age of 55 Chris Terrill was a civilian recipient of a honorary green beret.

So far that's three civilian honorary green berets. I wonder if there are any more to add to the list? :shock:

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