RIP Robin "Lester "Piggot 13th May 56- 8th August 2007

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by oz/RAN, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. Its with regret that I write this post to inform Lesters old RN mates of his recent death.
    Lester was an RN submariner up until 87 when he transferred out to the RAN submarine squadron.He was still serving as a Chief PO acoustic warfare analyst ( submarines) and was actually on his discharge leave when he was sadly taken.

    I attended his funeral with his children , family and friends yesterday in Rockingham Western Australia.

    There was probably about 200 serving and ex submariners from UK and oz in attendance, so many they had to leave the doors of the chapel open as they could not fit us all in.

    For those of you who remember him, keep those thoughts because he had never changed in all his 20 years out here.

    CPO Mark Austin read a eulogy and the gist of one part was this...
    " On Anzac day in the south west port of Albany, about the whole town had turned out for the annual parade of veterans and submariners on a visit to Albany.
    Around two in the afternoon the local pub was packed with people having a good beer as is traditional and two up games were their usual raucous affair.
    Lester piped up with " Ere whose round is it?" Yours of course !

    Lester had a strange look over his face as he looked at the rows of folks between him and the bar. He then climbed up on the table and tapped his empty pint with a fork until every ones attention was on him.
    Lester in his best put on of a Wheel tapper and shunters accent announced" Ladies and gents we will be serving free mushy peas and pies from the back lounge in five minute, thank you" and sat down.
    Two minutes later the path to the bar was deserted, lester strolled up and said "Five VBs love".
    Me personally wherever I have travelled in the world from Hong Kong, UK and the states when I was in a pub and a bloke would ask what I did and I would say submariner, the next question would inevitably be " Hey do you know Lester Piggot?" delivered with a big wide grin.
    Well yes and I am very proud to have known him.I can picture him sending us a postcard at the pearly gates with saint Peter and him with a can a beer,on it written Dolphin 88,79
    Lester RIP.

    posted by Ian Mackenzie
  2. RIP n god bless!
  3. Lester was a good mate, we served on three boats together, I only hope the big man upstairs has a good sense of humour and a big bar!
    Goin Deep

    Scouse B
  4. Re: RIP Robin "Lester "Piggot 13th May 56- 8th August 200

    Sorry I have only just seen your post Scouse.

    So it is the same Lester we both knew.

    I am sooo sorry.

    RIP shippers
  5. Ian,

    I served with Lester on Oberon for many years - how did Lester die?

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