RIP plum?

scouse said:
Where has Plum gone :thumright:
His Au Pair plucked him from the tree , marinated him with Demerara sugar and is about to lick him clean.
When he's got his breath back -- and his clothes on-- perhaps he will return to rescue Rum Ration from the RNR and Newbies
scouse said:
Has plum risen from the dead ????? :dontknow: :w00t: :thumright:
Gentle criticism of our over-populated, uniformed and civilian MOD has never died under whatever Pseudonym. Nommes de Guerre rather than Nommes de Plume
Think i will have to task Slim :thumright: AKA Hurcule Poriot for further investigation :salut: :dontknow: into the re encarnation :thumright:
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