RIP Paul Eagle


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Indeed. A bit of an obituary would be nice if you can put one together Topshop. It's not just the war heroes and Admirals/ Generals whose passing should be marked. Just a thought.
I didn't know Paul but I know his brother through work
I know Paul was a Falklands vet (HMS Glamorgan I think) and he has been ill for a while with cancer and found out it was terminal a couple of months ago
He's well known in biker community around Southampton
Sorry I can't elaborate any more
RIP Paul


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RIP, lucky to have survived the Falklands if he was a chef on Glamorgan at the time.Edited to add, that may come across as a bit disrespectful-not intended at all. RIP.


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Paul was at (the old) Mercury in the late 70's early 80's (i think) but time addles the brain, he was your typical type chef at the time, loud, brash, but a ******* good egg, i remember he had a Harley (i think) at the time which he was doing up, he spent months getting it all together etc etc until he eventually finshed his project, only for some low life scum to steal it just after it was finished. Although i never new him socially, it was only in a work capacity where he battered and beasted me (as you do with baby chefs) but he made you learn from your mistakes so you became a better person (if that makes sense), another one of the old school characters crossing the bar RIP Eagle.
I cannot add much more to what people have said, he didnt talk much about the Mob.

Knew he was on a County that got hit by an Exocet, was having a Fag break on the upper deck when it hit, Very lucky I heard it was the hanger and galley that copped it.

Was working as a driver for a security firm in an armoured van that was held up by armed robbers. Was shaken up badly by that.

Worked around Locksheath as a Taxi driver after that.

I knew him from around 1980 on the bikes and used to see him occasionally at Tesco in Whiteley till last year. Knew nothing about his condition.

A Gentleman who will be sadly missed.

PM Me for funeral details.
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