Rip off Britain

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by oberon, Nov 10, 2008.

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  1. Saturday night our over packed in, The element had burnt out. So first hing this morning I phone the makers hot line number and once I got thru was told it would cost me 45GBP (plus VAT) for a new element and if I wanted on of their engineers to fit it it would be another 90GBP total 135GBP plus VAT! Then decided to phone a local electrics shop and lo and behold they had a element for the princely sum of 24GBP and when I asked about fitting it the guy said it was so easy a 3-year old could do it! So in the end the total cost was 24GBP and a bit of diesel and sweat! Where do these big companies get their prices from?
  2. Most OEM's are like this, they want you to buy a new appliance, it's better for them, so they charge you a bloody fortune for spares.

    Like you man at the appliance shop said the elements are easy to fit, a couple of screws and c couple of clips.

    Good luck....

    Don't forget the TAG OUT.

    Leccy stuff is invisible and bits like a bastard
  3. Carried out a full tag out routine: Switched off at the wall, power to the house disabled and fuse to the cooker taken out and in my pocket while working on the element...not bad for a dabber!! :) OK I'm a submariner dabber but still a dabber!
  4. Its classic case of don't buy '' Genuine '' makers parts
    the logo on the wrapper somehow makes it three times the cost of a
    alternate suppliers item
    The alternate item is probably made by the same people who supply the makers genuine article anyway .

    Just had a 'try-on' myself exhaust for my car --Quote from my local garage £140 ---on line same item £40 delivered !!

    Don't mind someone making a living but taking the pish is not on .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  5. Had a letter from British Gas telling me that as I didn't use very much of their product, they were coming to disconnect me, and charge me for the privilege. Phoned them up, and told them that since I moved in to the property in 2003, the gas had already been disconnected, twas not a surprising fact of life - oh dear - we DO apologise. There's a saying somewhere about the right hand and the left foot not being connected ? Within a week, they sent a bloke round to tell me what a great service they gave. Herr Indoors told him to feck off.
  6. Yesterday when I backed the car out of my drive it felt a bit lumpy as If the handbrake had jammed on. So I popped into my local garage where I paid last months petrol bill £80 and had my oil, water and tyres checked whilst I my tank was being topped up. I was advise that there was a nail in the front offside tyre, So I popped into the local tyre depot in town and had to hang about for at least 15 minutes whilst my new (5 week old )tyre was removed from the wheel and shown a large nail whch was removed, the hole plugged, tyre replaced and thwen wheel rebalanced and appropriate weight fitted.For this I was ripped off by being charged the enormous amount of £8.
    It great living up here in the civilised northern lakedistrict where one can still get service with a smile and at a reasoble price too
  7. Christmas Eve 2 years ago. Got a puncture. Rushed to Quikfit due to early closing for the festive season. Fixed the puncture, took the spare off, replaced the orginal (so it didn't look odd), balanced and new valve etc. Took about 20 minutes. They were closing the shutters as I left. All of this for the princely price of ZILCH (it was Christmas after all). You can't do better than a Quikfit Fitter (apparently)
  8. Most of the extended warranty offers that shops try to sell you are very expensive and aren't realistically worth the money you pay out. They're all at it - even when you buy something for less than 20 quid at Argos they try to get you to take out extended warranty's.

    When you buy something which is going to be in constant heavy-duty use (washing machine or perhaps a hoover) then it might be worth it - otherwise it's got to be a judgement call. I never bother and I reckon I am well ahead on the deal over the years but this is big business and they're making a packet out of people who get it everytime ... usually because they push hard and make the customer believe that it could happen. Shocking really but I suppose they're not in business for charity reasons.

  9. Was it plugged and replaced?? I would be thinking on a new tyre not plugged. Your life and your family and other families are worth more than the price of a tyre.

    Rip of Britain! Ireland is very pricey these days hence the reason I was caught trying to smuggle a garden hose in my rucksack on a flight over for my allotment up in the mountains.

    The shaking stevens security man pulled me to one side and said they had discovered a coiled wiring device in my rucksack. He was all smiles when I pulled put the garden hose. His bossman said it had to go in the hold another ten quid for Ryanair!!
  10. Sales staff are poorly paid and rely on commission for the extended warranty sales. We still say no. Firms like Currys and Comet should pay good wages or lose their staff.
  11. Profit margins on the financial services aspect are much higher than on what are now essentially commoditised products. There is little to differentiate the majority of white goods and consumer electronics, and purchasers don't want to pay any more than they have to for undifferentiated products. Staff performance bonuses are structured around both aggregate sales and the type of product sold, with a disproportionate amount of that around the financial services.

    Still, people are prepared to pay for both the financial services, and the branding, and until they stop then it'll continue to happen.
  12. If we took out extended warranties on all the gadgets we own, we'd have nothing left for anything else. I always ask why I'm paying good money for a product if the shop expects it to break down soon after I've taken it home. The Sale of Goods Act entitles you to the following redress from the retailer (not the manufacturer) and don't believe anyone who tells you it's only valid for one year. You'd expect most items to last much longer than that.

  13. What a barsteward I could cry
    Our washer dryer almost five years old died, so I removed it and chucked it out
    We went and bought a new one

    Four weeks later, I got a letter stating our fiveyear warranty was about to expire in three weeks, If we can not repair it then we will replace it with a refurbished machine of the same quality (cry cry ;-( as I chucked the letter in the bin

    Shock, as I had "NOT" Replied said company had taken out a new renewal and withdrawn funds from my account (Which they had) I was now the proud owner of a further two year warranty on a washer dryer that was in the town dump
    You can not cancel sir without your original paperwork issued to you in 2003, but the paper work was destroyed when your washer dryer caught fire and burn out the kitchen, That is not our problem sir

    Eventually got all except £15 back after a lot of hassle from (Comet PC World) and to think that if I had remembered that five years ago I had a warranty, I would not have lost £15 but gained a new machine :-(

    Jack McH
  14. I do sympathise but what does "Chillu chi nun si fa l'affari sua, ccù la linterna va circannù guai:" mean for godness sake?
  15. "He who doesn't mind his own business uses his lantern to look for trouble"

    ....bit like the Wardroom fire - party

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