RIP Maurice Lunn.


War Hero
On July 7th Maurice Lunn passed quietly away aged 87.

Maurice was a school boy friend of Colin Grazier who most will know was the seaman who died with Lt Fasson whilst along with the canteen assistant (NAAFI) Tommy Brown they secured the Enigma Machine from U559
This act of bravery which cost him his life, and Lt Fasson earned him the George Cross,
is reputed to have shortened the duration of WW2 by approximately two years.
So back to Maurice.
He joined the Navy in 1939 before hostilities began, aged 16. (It was because of this that Colin Grazier joined.) His first draft was HMS. Emerald, which was employed transferring the UK's gold reserves to Nova Scotia in-case of a Nazi invasion.
Next he went to HMS. Neptune, but then had a premonition and asked for a draft, which he secured and went to the Med aboard HMS. Mauritius. It was employed patrolling the Indian ocean and later the Pacific. At the same time Neptune deployed to the Med, and was lost to enemy action going down with ALL hands.
He was evacuated from Singapore, just 24hrs before the Japanese invasion, and spent a year in a Naval hospital in Ceylon where he beat TB of a gland in the groin which had to be removed.
He met and married a WREN of the WRNR and remained with her until his death, 65 years later.
He was Tanky at Northney II where he managed to filch enough "Spare" rum for his wedding reception, played football for a local club (Dalston) and boxed quite successfully for the RN.
His big personal claim to fame was the fact he was best man at his oppo's wedding, Colin Grazier.
In one of his last conversations with his eldest of two sons he said,
"I've had a great life, and die with no regrets.

Maurice Lunn. June 16th 1922---July 7th 2009 aged 87 years.


War Hero
trelawney126 said:
Wiki has agood account of the action. RIP Maurice

C.G. is my townie. Well its where I now live, so its a local urban legend thingy here.
You should have seen the reaction here when the septics brought that film out "U57" it flopped here if no where else. And it coincided with the erection of the statue to commemorate Colin Grazier and the opening of the National Arboretum up the road.

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