RIP Jake Cohen USMC(Jewishscotsman)

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by andym, Oct 7, 2006.

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  1. I read today of the report of the passing over of one of our forum members,Jewishscotsman.I was reading the PTSD thread and came across the news.Take a read,and im sure you will have a lump in your throat.We missed this one!Here was a real cry for help and it sadly almost went unheard.He only made 3 posts and recieved 1 answer.The last post he made reads thus:

    All i am looking for now is an end of this crap i carry around, hence the reason i am off the land of the Jocks, going to yomp up a hill and get rat assed me a bottle or two of pusser, a couple o boxes of tranqs,

    keep up the good work boys, there is better ones out there than my sorry ass that can be saved, me, i am just a frigging tramp who sleeps in a graveyard in lymington, i aint worth shit,

    Semper Fidelis,

    Sadly he has done as he said!I am sure Nick78 will be devastated.I think we need to read threads like this VERY carefully in future,so we can avoid such an outcome.Thanks to Gunny Liederman,who was his opps and has come to UK to sort out the Legal stuff,youre a true Oppo!!!
  2. Re: Shocked and Stunned.

    My most sincere condolences.


    How appropriate is that even now, nearly 85 years on.
    Perhaps when we stand silent during November ceremonies we can remember JewishScotsman, I know I certainly will.
  3. I also wish to pass on my condolences. I am sorry that Jake has left us. His posts elsewhere on RR were interesting. Sadly he was reluctant to seek help for severe PTSD and what medication he had been prescribed in the past was unsuitable. Instead he sought refuge in the comparative tranquilising effect of alcohol. I shall certainly miss him.

  4. You see me,a tramp,and wonder why.
    Who was I?What went wrong?
    Yet you pass on by.
    A kind word,a free cig makes my day.
    But the Terrors never go away!

    Death,blood and Destruction,
    I've seen them all!
    Was the call.I was there!I saw many Friends fall!

    We all go home,some Dead,some alive.
    But now its this life i can no longer abide.
    The terrors come and they go.
    AllYou see is a Tramp, and you just cant know.

    I had a life once,kids and a Car,even a colour TV,
    A Professional in the Service of my Country.
    I ended up on a Foreign shore,cos all of the above,
    I have no more!

    Life comes and goes on by,still no one answers,WHY?
    I sit in amongst the Graves of the Dead,
    To keep the Terrors from my Head.
    Jeez,i hope they go when i am dead!

    My Life is a mess,a living Hell.
    But all you care about is"Does he smell?"
    I fought and Won!But didnt Die,and still i ask,

    You see me,a tramp,and wonder why.
    Who was I?What went wrong?
    Yet you pass on by.
    A kind word,a free cig makes my day.
    But the Terrors never go away!

    So here I am,my home miles away,
    and i have to live yet another day!
    But the Terrors,Ah,The Terrors,

    So whats left?Help?Salvation?
    read,None of the above.
    All i am is a tramp in a graveyard.
    And you pass on by.Why?

    So i resolve,a solution to be found.
    I'll die on the Land of my Births Ground among the heather and Hills.
    So i sit atop a Mound,a bottle of Rum and a box of Pills.
    Serene,the view,calm my brow,The Terrors,Well,they've gone Now!

    So I wait to be found,atop this now Hallowed Ground.
    Just a Tramp,they'll say.They always die this way.
    I dont give a shit!You see,

    But you see,that tramp was me!
    Jake Cohen,Private USMC!
    I won and fought,seen Men die,
    Yet you just walked on by.SEMPER FI!

    So now my lifes Total sum,will rest on a Stone in the Sun.
    In Perth,land of my Birth,i have been laid in the earth.
    So next time you see a Tramp,spare a thought or a Fag.
    You see,it may just me me!But its ok,
    I have beaten The Terrors you see!

    In Memoriam
    Jake Cohen USMC
    RIP 6th October
  5. Impossible to read throught this short thread without getting a lump n my throat. Didn't know the guy and don't think our paths crossed on RR but it seems obvious that he had been unhappy for some time. Just another someone who slipped through the inadequate system for helping service personnel out with troubles like his.

    The really sad thing is that his words ... his cry for help ... were probably taken as standard RR piss-taking like the rest of us do so well.

    Goodbye Jake - shame we didn't have more time with you.

  6. I will be the first to apologise if I am wrong, but is there a way of checking obituaries etc. I haven't found anything from Perth, I know I am a doom master but I smelled a wind up,
    Just little things like a tramp with a wi fi laptop in the graveyard
    A US oppo who appears, how did he know what happened and how did he know about this site etc.
    As I say, I will wind in if I am wrong.

    Any ideas?
  7. If I can get my hands on a Perth edition of the local paper (The Courier, I will check the obituaries column. I live not a million miles from Perth...
  8. Cheers shippers, I tried online and found nothing.
  9. How do i know about this site, Simple, i am using jakes laptop, a very old Dell Latitude running win 95, upgraded to win 98, usimg a pcimia cardbus tpye 2 32 bit wifi card that i sent him from Florida,

    How did i know about jake swallowing his own puke, simple i am named as his next of kin,

    You smell a wind up, well my good sir, you can kiss my muther fucking ass,

    You want to bust my Balls, no problem, anytime your in Florida, come on up to Pensocola, i am sure me and my men will make you feel more than happy,

    Jake wasnt too clever when it came to pass codes, he more or less used 4 codes, which were easy to find around.

  10. Ditto.

    I have also taken the liberty of contacting the USMC to ascertain the veracity of what has transpired over the last few days. I have also contacted Tayside Police to establish what the facts are.

    I shall report back when I receive answers.

  11. This is a bit violent is't it.
    Remember what the US Fleet used to be told when RN ships were in US Dockyards. Do not get into fights with British sailors......... They are far too hard. US marines are pussies........ Quick helpme out Royal
  12. Remember what the US Fleet used to be told when RN ships were in US Dockyards. [Do not get into fights with British sailors......... They are far too hard. US marines are pussies........] Quick helpme out Royal[/quote]

    I have that in black and white, from a small booklet issued to "our AMERICAN cousins from accross the pond" while in Honky Fid.
  13. You're quite correct to be suspicious, Lingy.

    I smelled a rat myself, and did a little checking.
    Jake Might have met a bad end, and that's tragic, but it appears that neither he or his American oppo are whom they appear to be.

    Jake listed his MOS as "08311", which doesnt exist (never has)
    He was visiting a couple of years back, passing himself as a serving RM/SBS officer, when a few other Royals on the site became suspicious, he went away and never returned. (never mentioned being a US Marine over there for some reason).

    As for you, Arnold, a few points of contention:

    There is no such thing as a "Gunnery Sgt/Major".

    How can you be attached to a unit (13th MEU) in California, when you're in Florida? Long commute.

    It's spelled Expeditionary Unit, not Expidition Unit.

    Jakes name was not on the Navy list as a serving officer. (RM)

    If you're such a high-ranking SNCO with the 13th MEU, why aren't you listed in the command structure on the official web page?

    EODMU-8 is a NAVY unit, based in Europe.

    Just curious.

    If Jake was indeed a deeply troubled man, who met a sad end, that's tragic, and he has my sympathy.
  14. Have just done a post on the Combat Stress posting

    I live very close to Perth --and I get the Courier !! each day.

    We did have a ex services guy go walkabout from the Angus area and he died -no reasons given-- alone in some wooded area near to me. Forestry workers found him. I live in Fife -South of Dundee.

    His relations are North of the Tay was about a month ago .Don't think he was a booty though.

    Another fcuked up life
    May he rest in peace.
  15. Cheers Brethren,
    There is too much that doesn't add up here, this story has many inaccuracies. How do people think they will not be caught.
    The similarity with service people around the world is we have been there, done that and spent many a long hour in tedious conditions bullshitting each other and you get a very cynical point of view and don't suffer fools gladly.
    I will look forward to our gunny coming back with replies to your post.
    Cheers Bootneck Yank. 8)
  16. Looking forward to it myself, Ling.
    The theory was advanced today that perhaps Jake/Arnold are the same person. Might be tinfoil hat territory, but who knows?
  17. I had automatically assumed that they are the same person (just as NozzyNozzer and Seacat were the same person... :oops:). It seems doubtful that another person is involved, though even for me, a bit baffling. Why pretend to to have suffered from PTSD and talk about topping oneself, if not to gain attention. But having gained that attention the rest doesn't really make sense to me, unless Arnold intends to become the regular correspondant with us (al la Seacat...) :roll: Perhaps he is doing research for the MOD into the human gullability?

  18. Another Walt exposed then.

    Cheers Bootneck Yank!
  19. That's the question: What's the point and purpose behind this?

    If indeed they are the same person, what is he trying to accomplish?
    Walting as a RM officer on, then as USMC here.

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