RIP Cheetah!

Now we need to be told if anything was going on between Tarzan,Jane and the Monkey!
That jungle has some tales to tell.
Whatever it was it made him scream a lot,I used to watch and thinking " That's some orgasm that is!"
Still remember this from my schooldays (long term memory seems to remain functional)

Tarzan swinging, Tarzan falls,
Jane grabs Tarzan by the balls,
That's why Tarzan always calls . . .
RIP Cheetah

:naka:Ahhh I'm bathing in the sea of nostalgia, The Roxy cinema Saturday afternoon and Tarzan. on the silver screen between breakdowns. Tarzan had lions and tigers in the same jungle, also Indian and African Elephants,some with numbers painted on the left rear leg, They do not make 'em like that today!!!!!:slow:
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