RIP Actor Richard Todd WW2 Vet

tommo said:

Sad news. He was also my Grandad's (mum's side) CO during the landings

Rest in Peace.
He was my mum's Pin up along with john Wayne.
I must admit I did like his films, and he as you say was a vet.
Always one of my favourites, and always a gentleman, his nonchalent comments on the 60th anniversary, playing down his actual part in D-Day were typical. Made some cracking films, let's hope one of the main channels does a season of his work.
RIP Richard Todd.

Good actor and epitome of an Englishman with the stiff upper lip, both on screen and off. Had a tragic personal life, 2 of his sons committed suicide.


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The man was a legend in my opinion. He was a good soldier and a great actor. Proper old school type.


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My Father served with him in 7L.I. Para during the second world war and spoke well of him as an officer and gent. He fortunately outlived my Dad by a few years but he always attended the reunions.