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i have a catchy ringtone that was passed onto me ,i would like to share it on a thread,its a mp3 formatt,but how do i put it on a thread ...cheers
I don't think you can, I think you can only email it to people.

All to do with taking up space on the server and viruses and stuff.

I need to lie down after the techie stuff.


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You could host it on a video sharing site like youtube and post a link to it or use the "insert video file" (clapperboard icon in reply post)..... or I could just be really tired and thinking far too hard....


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Save to phone's memory card as MP3 file; copy data from memory card to PC/laptop (via card reader/Bluetooth); email to recipient and they do the reverse.

Or get the recipient to synch their phone with yours and Bluetooth it between handsets.
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