Ringtone Call of Hands

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by corbett12, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. Hi does anyone know where I can get Call of Hands ringtone as I would love to have this as my ringtone in the morning. Thanks
  2. What's 'Call of Hands'?
  3. I believe it's how an idiot would hear 'call the hands'.

    Also, no, you're a massive throbber, if you're really that keen surely you can get a bosun's call and record your own?
  4. "Call of Hands - Black Op's"? Is that the new game available for the Spectrum Rainbow??

  5. There's a bloke at work who's got it (safeguard) but we keep him in a cupboard and only let him out during full moons.
  6. Used to do my absolute nut in down a mess deck. About half hour before proper 'CTH', some strokers phone used to wake all the lads up with it. He was a sprog as well, only been onboard a dog watch, thinking it was funny as.


    P.s You're an even bigger tool that you want it and you're not even in the mob yet!! Bet your mates will think you're nails though when you show them down the roller disco. Woot woot!
  7. You're retarded aren't you? I bet you've got an arm like a baby's cock.
  8. :oops: Ummmm, I, well ummm I 'know' this guy see, ummmmm, that has it on his phone..... but only for a giggle. :oops:

    :oops: This friend actually has 'Hearts of Oak' as the ring tone...... :oops:

    He might even have the General Alarm on there too.

    I, sorry HE, doesn't get out much. :cry:
  9. You dont want Call the Hands as your ringtone oppo honestly.

    No true matelot ever listens to it. A true matelot uses it as pre warning that he needs to get up soon ish, waits till about 0750 then runs a finally homed routine ready for both watches at 8.

    I personally have the muslim "call to prayer" on my alarm clock as its more annoying and annoys hell out of my mess mate, they are all freely available on google :lol:
  10. I have the chemical and general alarm as a ringtone, but then I am a Jack bastard. :p
  11. Yeah I want it as my alarm for in the morning. Yes it did my head in at Raleigh at 5.30am. How much I wanted to punch the speaker on the wall or rip the wires out. I just want for at home fir when I get up as it makes me laugh.
  12. I know where to get a ringtone 'call the feets' if that helps? If you want that one ill tell you where to get it.
  13. Can I p1ss in your mouth please?
  14. Now fcuk off!!
  15. I'd like a ringtone of you gurgling your last words as you succumb to secondary drowning after I've submerged you in a vat of catspunk.
  16. Cheers guy for the lovely banter
  17. Clucking Bell

    Do you work in some sort of cats home to get your hands on that much catspunk?? :lol: An interesting but funny sight I would imagine
  18. Banter?? Now fcuk off Cnut!
  19. I collect spunk. I love the stuff. It goes with anything. I find the hollowed out chest cavity of witless civvy dullards with a penchant for cockjockey ringtones makes an excellent jizz receptacle.

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