Ringing AFCO - how often?


Following my medical that resulted in me being made TMU, I had a family friend who manages the local surgery to fast track the letters/scans to them

This was a few weeks ago, rang the AFCO on Wednesday last week as heard nothing, they called capita who had received them but not done anything with them. So they were then sent across and was told the CPO who has handled my application up to now was back in the office the next day and would either get me back for another medical or sign it off without me being there dependent on what the letters said.

Not had any further message or contact, just wondering how often I should be ringing the AFCO to check up on it? Don't want to pester them but it puts me on edge a little bit not knowing exactly what's going on, got everything on hold for this.

Or how long it takes for them to get through this kind of thing, presumably there are a lot of applications they have to work through

Thanks all


I rang mine every friday lunchtime for a few months when I was stuck TMU. If they get fed up with it they'll let you know and will say when to next ring or that they will ring you once they have an update, so don't go mad with it but by all means ring away.


Lantern Swinger
I waited for 5 months - called about 3-4 times. They won't forget about you and will contact you as soon as they get anything back. They obviously understand you're concerned as are many other people but they'll tell you just to wait as many people on here will. Good luck with your medical.