rights and benefits


If you volunteer for call up, can your employer remove any rights and benefits that you may have had, if you were called up by Andrew


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BeerBad said:
GCYZ said:
BeerBad said:
I haven't PM'd anybody. Just thought it best to let you guys know.
If you want PM'd, PM me and i'll send you a PM. Have a surplus of PM's at the minute.

Are you after a PA to deal with all your PM's and PM a summary of said PM's?

Perhaps the PM could appoint an MP to be minister for PM's (MPM), that way they could carryout PM's into any dodgy or illegal PM's. however lack of work would mnean thay probably only have tyo work in the PM.

OK this is getting silly. On a serious note, did not want the answer given to Joe above to appear on a public forum.

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