Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by JonnoJonno, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Evening retards

    Having grown sick and tired of the number of bone, inane and otherwise irrelevant queries about running on a conveyer belt, I have spent an evening at the gym figuring out why some newbies are struggling to run on these things compared with the road etc. Initially putting it down to lazy dullards allergic to sweating in a gym, I have changed my mind, and will endeavour to help. Not because I like any of you, you understand, it's just if I read another treadmill question I'll punch a nun. Again.

    So I started an 11.1km run on the treadmill, at 2 degrees using the technique I use on the road; a slight lean forward, longish stride, heel toe-ing, arms at 90 degrees etc. I was running at a deliberately slow pace in order to analyse my stride. Here is what I found:

    The majority of the (unexpected) resistance came at the very end of the stride just as I am lifting my foot off. I figure this is down to the treadmill disappearing behind me, when usually on the road there is a more vertical take-off of my stride. A normally long stride is thus falsely extended and there is more reliance on an already over-extended calf muscle to flick the foot to catch the track up in order to push off.

    Conclusion: people who run with a longish stride may find that treadmill running is harder because of this, and may also find their calf muscles are being worked and stretched beyond their usual range leading to tired/tight muscles (additionally the front 'shin' area may become stiff with the effort of moving the toes back up from an extended position). Try running with a shorter lighter stride, increasing the 'pace per minute' rate instead of the stride length as you up your speed.

    Leaning forward, which I find has a positive 'toppling' effect on the road, increasing my pace and momentum, does not work in the same way on a treadmill.
    Conclusion: The treadmill maintains it's pace irrespective of the forward momentum you put into your stride and therefore you are wasting your effort 'pushing off'. The secret is to find a style of running that allows you to keep contact with the running surface for the least amount of time as possible. The lower leg therefore should be kept relaxed and you should be careful not to increase the stride length (particularly at the back). Instead concentrate on lifting your knees forwards and up and lifting your foot off as soon as possible. I found that running right at the front of the belt ensures that you are not reaching too far forward and instead develop an upward movement of the hips and knees.

    Keep you feet and ankle loose and try to picture yourself running on ice, where any big stride would make you slip. My lower calves were noticeably more relaxed, and interestingly my HR (measured off a Polar watch, not holding the handlebars) was a good 10% slower for the same pace. Also, as I increased speed and especially slope angle it took longer to feel myself breathing harder.

    Basically lift your legs up and allow the belt to pass under you.

    There, hope that helps.
  2. JJ thanks for taking the time out to share this information with us newbies. Just one thing though, what happens if I don't run when the treadmill starts? Thanks!
  3. F**k me mate, i was in the middle of watching porn, when i decided to see whats new on RR, a good read, on how to run on a treadmill.
    Back to watching porn again.
  4. HA HA HA thanks for that fella.
  5. Your welcome.
  6. You think the mongs can read such a great post a digest the info?

    Good post though, it's almost pornographic in the running world
  7. I for one quite easily read the explicit bit of text about 'windmills'.
  8. Cheers mate! Here's hoping they can digest the info!
  9. Very good as far as it went, but I followed your instructions and I took ages to get to the post office.
    Its not easy pulling that great piece of equipment behind you.
  10. Without a chain around your neck and a honkie bullwhipping you, you can't expect miracles. :D
  11. Dat sure be the truth massa boss sir :roll: 8O

    I only read the article in the first place as poor old uncle ebenezer was killed on the tread mill, working the cotton gin. I wonder if he got fit. 8O
  12. Ha! :D I'm going to bow out of this in deference to the threads location!
  13. Back on topic, tread mills are to me a thing to avoid, I spent hours on the buggers when I was Ill and associate them with bad days.
    Although they were instrumental in my recovery. :D
  14. Me too mucker, especially after last night's experiment! In my opinion they don't promote decent running technique out on the road. I think given the frosty conditions making it difficult to run on the road I'm glad I elect to swim or row instead.
  15. I used to row and really enjoyed it, but when you have had a heart attack they tell you not to, and advise weights instead to strengthen upper muscles.
    Swimming I do and love, but there again no breast stroke for prolonged periods.
  16. Being a newbie to both this site and RN world, i have never found a problem running on treadmills in fact i have found it easier, but since i have been training on the road i have found it difficult to emulate the same speed from road to treadmill especially for my PJFT. I had that today and i walked through it (not litterally) Running is my weakest subject so to speak but today its like i was another living soul it didnt bother me one bit, i have struggled to run 1.5mile without stopping this past month but today i could have run forever i felt that comfortable, i think it was tommo that said i should have a days rest before my PJFT, and im glad i did or the result my have been different. I wont be using another treadmill again for a long long time. Thank GOD!
  17. Come back and contribute to this thread when you've knocked 5 minutes off your 1.5mile time newbie.
  18. Fc[​IMG]

    Fcukin tread mill, bollix to it and Jonno

    :D :D :D :D
  19. Webbed feet eh? Didn't know you were a pointy head. :D

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