Right or wrong?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sussex2, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Pincher Martin was locked up for shooting burglars, he said he would do the same again but this bloke has family to consider but a blast over their heads would not have gone amiss, maybe make robbers think again before they target anyone else.
  2. It's a lovely pub, serves really good proper beer, none of that frothy northern rubbish 8O
    You can also hire a boat and go onto the river for a really great afternoon out; idea is flood boat, everyone gets wet, all have a good time.
    They also do some very good food at not inflated prices.
    Seems the robbers thought the place was empty, as if that makes a difference.
    What the bad guys probably had not appreciated is that this place is extremely well known and very popular, despite it being down the end of a long and narrow lane.
    The guy who owned it before was a mosquito pilot in WW2 and had very strong views on who should frequent the place.
    If anyone is in that area I can honestly recommend a visit. You'll have a super afternoon.
  3. If you go to the proper pubs up hear .YOU DONT GET FROTHY RUBBISH EITHER.Its not FLAT either !!
  4. I assume you are not up north then :wink:
  5. Fifty minutes response time for a priority call is a bloody joke. The fact that even if they'd been caught they would probably have only gotten a few months or however many years suspended doesn't inspire confidence either.
  6. The only suspended sentences given are those that are preceeded with the words Hang by the neck until dead.
  7. In Texarse we just had a homeowner shoot 2 burglars dead with his pump-action shotgun. It raised a ripple of concern because they were not on his property but were robbing his neighbours house. I thought it a little unsporting because he shot them in the back, but hey...Big Boy's Rules.

    The Grand Jury refused to even send him to trial which is unusual even for The Lone Stare State.

    It's all based on the Texas Castle Law , which went into effect on January 1, 2007. The Castle Law allows citizens to use force if someone illegally enters or is attempting to enter their home, car or workplace. It does not require a citizen to retreat before using deadly force if the citizen is anywhere he or she has the right to be. Most importantly, the new law protects citizens from being sued by injured attackers or their families if the use of force was used to protect a citizen’s home, car or their workplace.

    Texas Governor Perry describes the Texas Castle law as one that gives Texans the right to protect themselves from criminals and to be protected by “state law when circumstances dictate that they use deadly force.â€

    Moral of the tale is; Guns Don't Kill People - Cranky Old White Guys Do

    RM :thumbleft:
  9. Now that's the kind of neighbour we could all do with.
  10. Just don't lock yourself out, Fink ! :wink:
  11. The pub in question is at the end of a long (at least 1km) narrow, and twisty lane, suitable for one car alone, not wide enough for two to pass. There are no turnings off, except into private houses.
    All the police would have had to do was block the end of the lane, if they had the manpower and inclination to do so.
  12. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Big trouble there is that suddenly you become God. You are judge, jury, prosecution and defence, all rolled up into one. The onus is to mallet the perpetrator good and proper, even if he or she appears to be attempting to be where they shouldn't be. Some on here might say, "Good ho." I say Wrong ho. It licenses anyone who has a grudge against you to entice you onto their land or near their property and then to waste you with no questions asked ... you were 'breaking the law' and were shot.

    Feed of arse.

  13. I don't disagree Levers but different horses for different courses. My main problem with what happened in the Texas homeowner case is that the burglarizers [sic] were unarmed, not an immediate threat and moving away from the shooter [both shot in the back]. There was another case in Houston where a homeowner heard an intruder downstairs and opened fire in the dark. Switched the lights on and found that he had shot and killed his only son who had returned home from College unexpectedly and was trying not to wake anyone up.

    IMO the US Laws are designed to pander to a nation that is brainwashed to live in perpetual fear; by the same token UK Laws have been designed to pander to a dysfunctional society where blame and punishment are both dirty words and where protection of life, property and family are all verboten.

  15. Aren't about 90% of gunshot victims in the US are shot by their friends or family? Have to say the American insistence on being allowed to own military grade weapons and then complaining about how violent their society is baffles me. As Eddie Izzard said, 'Guns don't kill people, people kill people but having a gun helps'.
  16. Gun related deaths in the USA are running at about 30,000 per annum. Of these deaths around 50% are suicides.

    Guns don't kill people. Bullets do. Guns just get the bullets to go really really fast.


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