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Firstly I am not one to be mollycoddled, but the service offered by the CTP (particularly Plymouth), is it worth the money once again is Pusser being over charged ( what is the cost?) and Jack and Jenny being short changed.
From personnel experience I gained more from my careers advisor at school 22 years ago and more off the the fellow re settlers on the transition workshop than what was taught.
Could the resettlement pot be better spent, could we opt out of the CTP and utilise the funding better ourselves.

Funding changes are occurring next year with a tightening of resettlement subsistence with the introduction of of the £2K ELC next April would of affected my chosen resettlement programme.

Best Christmas this year. Now on terminal leave
You get out what you put in. CTP aren't the best at the job they do, but they still provide a good service. Their job adverts are the best around and they are targeted at leavers - though sometimes the language makes you wonder .....

If they took CTP away, you don't really think they would give you the money do you? Stop whinging and make them do what you want .... as in, you get out what you put in!
Having been a civvy now for two years I have spent most of that time working for the civilian equivalent of CTP. The company I work for carries out training for job seekers on JSA, teaching them to write CV's and covering letters as well as teaching them how to conduct themselves at interview etc.

Believe me when I say that the MOD get a VERY good deal from CTP. For a start all of their staff are working towards, or hold professional qualifications in careers guidance. this is more than can be said for the civilian sector, where the only qualification you need is to have actually attended a few interviews. Also CTP charges the MOD a lot less than the civilian sector charges Job centre plus. The company I work for receives roughly two thousand pounds per client for a two week course (and that's coming from your taxes) they also receive a further amount (ranging from one to two thousand) for each job that is found.
CTP I believe charge a one off fee to MOD and don't expect more money when a service man/woman finds work.

There may well be a better way than CTP do it but to be honest I can't think of one. The CTW I attended had a wide range of intellects and experience within the group. Some people knew nothing about CV writing whilst others already had their CV's and letters planned and printed. It's hard to cater to everybody's level within a three day course.

In short the MOD get an excellent deal from CTP compared to that which civvies get from their equivalent service. Also bringing somebody else in to run the resettlement courses would lose the experience that they have gained over the years.
Mmmmmmmm, interesting that you should note that. I am going through resettlement at the moment and my experience with the CTP is what prompted me to set up a business, Armed Forces World, which helps us Service leavers to find employment when we leave.

I don't wish to completely knock what the CTP do, as they have their strengths, however, there is always room for improvement and ways of helping us more! We match CV's to jobs and do the searching for you rather than simply listing jobs, so if you want a hand looking (all free), then simply email your CV to [email protected]. Hope we can help!

Good luck.

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