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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Jim30, Feb 27, 2007.

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  1. Well its been made very clear to me that my views on the RNR are in a minority of 1. Seeing as the RNA branch have made it clear to me that I clearly know nothing about ratings or anything about the navy, it is clear that I have nothing useful to contribute to this site.

    I'm going to leave now, delete my userID and never darken your doors again.
  2. Pick his Teddy up and put it back in the pram, someone....
  3. Mesage received and understood.
  4. can I have his locker?
  5. Quick everyone to the wardroom for a few tots of Rum !

    Jim, If you ever need a friend, dont go to the wardroom or JR'S mess :twisted:
  6. bye then Jim.....
    your's could have been a good thread - but then you appeared to get the hump on with everyone, and came across quite patronising and condescending..........
    there is no need to sound horrified at the prospect of venturing into a JR's mess deck - most are polite when inviting a SR or officer into their mess.
    However with your attitude towards us (JR's) dont hold your breath waiting for one!!
  7. Leaving barrel will be put on when?
  8. Here here, Brazen, well put, come and have a drink and lets see Jim off in style, :mrgreen:
  9. Bye Bye :???:
  10. Bet the [email protected] don't put a barrel on, Oh I forgot he doesn't want to bay his mess fees.
  11. will do bob, mines a lager n lime!!!
  12. Brazen,

    just before I move stuff into me new locker (ooh look I've a new job... Duty No Mates), can you give me the number of that bird on the bottom of your postings. The one called angel. I think I am in luurve. :grin:
  13. I only buy pints, hope thats alright, I would of asked Jim, but he has just slammed the door on his way out ! :mrgreen:
  14. how rude - i have no problems with officers in general - u always get one!!
    i hope he turns it around tho and realises what an arse he made of himself - if only to get the smug satisfaction when he DOES go on deployment, tries to "bond with his JR's" and gets told to feck off!!
  15. Hey Brazen Always treat People how I like to be treated. With Strong sense of fair play, respect and a few beers :mrgreen:
  16. Nothing to do with being a pig, just some people are a trifle stubborn and don't like constrctive advice when it doesn't fit their opinion.
  17. Jim, I am sorry you have decided to go and would suggest that you reconsider.

    I would suggest this topic is now done. Lets get back to bashing the government or single mums, they must be feeling neglected.
  18. Don't be such a baby, it's no wonder you are billy no mates in the mess.
  19. Steady Phil, I am a single parent :shock:
  20. Right, all turn on Rugger Bob, he'll do for afternoon entrtainment.
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