Right, for fcuks sake

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Clown_Puncher, Dec 8, 2009.

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  1. Everyone in the chat room if we are going to fight / groom / molest each other, or we'll all get into terrible trouble...........
  2. Bender
  3. It worked though didn't it?
  4. I'd let you molest me. CP, XRD, 2DD, BB Jonno and the like.

    We can make a scat / animal porn flick!
  5. Good idea, meet me under the clock in Waterloo train station during the first dog. Bring Swarfega, a chainsaw and something to read, I'll bring the mongoose, sheep and some snacks.
  6. I'll bring the noize!

  7. Can't use Swarf's anymore, it'll have to be warmed up axle grease
  8. Good point wrecks. Don't want to be getting any skin conditions.
  9. OK we can use axle grease, but only if you let me put sand and tabasco sauce in it first.
  10. Yeah, nice one 2DD. That sounds a scream.
  11. Yeah Bwoiiiiiiii!
  12. Please stop using my family photo's in this demeaning fashion. Cousin Leroy cannot help the dental catastrophe he suffered, but can despite what you might think, tell the time.
    White Trash.
  13. Why the fcuk has he got a toilet seat stuck to his head Rummers?? Time for a sh1t???
  14. Cousin Leroy is a bit a de sh1t head, but thats for family to say honky.

    We gets sick of all the snigger at us, all them ad's tellin how white yo all get ya sheets. I use black sheets,and it don't make no neverminds what colour dey is when I puts em on.
    I 's writing to the Ministry of de fence, it was made illegal years ago to do minstrel acts, but I bin seein all them boot faces putin black on to humiliate us.
    No more bro we's arrived. :evil: :twisted: :wink:
  15. And again......

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