Rig for the Royal Wedding

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by broadside, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. Not exactly an earth-shattering topic and I suspect I know the answer already BUT

    1. I presume HRH William will wear rig
    2. I presume he will be crabbed up for the wedding (as a serving RAF officer)
    3. Is that right or is there some book somewhere that will bring him out in naval uniform? (since he will be our future king and dark blue looks so much smarter anyway!!!!)
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Who gives a fcuk?

    He's a serving Crab, there's a hint at what he'll be wearing. A uniform doesn't make a marrage, best of luck to them.
  3. But dressing like a complete Hom , is not a good start!!!
  4. I heard it was going to be on a beach in Bermuda.

    White linen DJs all round.
  5. True, but he and her indoors are going to have to look at their wedding phots for a very long time (hopefully) and you only get one chance at it.
  6. The Rig of the Day for the Duty S.A. is Knickers and Nylons......:eek:ccasion8:
  7. Well I can't believe she's getting to go to the Abbey in a Car......I mean what's wrong with a horse drawn carriage?

    Looks down right tacky imo
  8. IIRC his dad had TWO goes at it
  9. 'Young Arald' As Albert Steptoe would have called him, could wear his nazi uniform again :))
  10. No he didn't, he had one go with Diana and one go with wotserface - 2 sets of piccies but only one shot at getting it right in each phot!!!! Did the same myself and got it wrong BOTH times!
  11. Edward can wear his Theatre Commissionaires rig, right handsome.:queen:
  12. If you are planning to go for a goof don't expect to use the tube, fekin brilliant.
  13. Bloke in the pub assures me he's heard on good authority that it's going to be one of those classy pink 'limos'.
  14. sb-sfismar_valen_0499775095.jpg
    I've heard the Royal Mews are dusting off something special.:-|

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