Rig for First Aid course?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by GSSR_Vvd, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. I'm due to start the First Aid course at Raleigh tomorrow but havent been told what rig i need. Now is it 4's or 95's? My PSI seemed to forget to let me know these little details. Donty wanna pitch up at 0745 in the wrong rig.

    Anyone out there know?
  2. If 4s was 8s, I would go with them.

    Dont forget a plaster and 2 aspirin. That fixes everything.
  3. Nice one :thumright:

    yeah 4's is the old 8's. Why do they like to keep changing the names of things :rambo:

    But i guess that's a completly different argument. I'm gonna suggest amputation for everything as that gets rid of most problems. Or so the surgeons in the NHS think so. ha ha
  4. i would say 1s just incase you need to administer first aid at a ceremonial event.
  5. How many times. Courses at naval establishments are conducted in an appropriate naval rig (4s/3s etc). CS95 is not to be worn except when specified for a particular NMT course.
    Joining instructions are available for all schools/establishments and are issued as DINs, and are available on the intranet (You could have found them whilst you where sorting out your expenses on JPA)These costitute a written order, while of course, any advice give on this site does not!

    I attended the course in 4s when I did it back in 03.

    Perhaps you PSI thought you could be relied upon to turn up in the right rig?
  6. Who is to say i have had any expenses to claim on JPA?

    Perhaps our PSI is not the most reliable person, and has, in the past, given advise to people joining various courses which has been proven to be wrong. Also is it not the very fact that i can think ahead and get the advise which has, if indeed they have, led my PSI to rely upon me to turn up in the right rig?

    Is it not the point of having a forum for the RNR to discuss matters which RNR personel feel thay need to discuss. If you would have read the other posts on this topic then you would see that my question has been answered.

    Thanks for the advice though. Better to be safe than sorry.
  7. I did the course in Feb at Excellent and it was 4's there. I'm wearing CS95 on my current course because I'm handling weapons and rig for that is CS95. As far as I know, BSSC/ISSC etc are all done in 4's!
  8. I have always found black fishnet stockings, a lace basque and high heeled stilletoes have stood me in stead for similar events.
  9. nope. very few non warfare ratings own there own 95's i dont
    never worn 95s and i have handled weapons a few times.
  10. Andy McDabber
  11. Clanky its hard enough getting onto JPA let alone the intranet. I had one of the writers show me how to do it and even she struggled. I'm not even sure if we can get onto it:
    a: because no one has shown us how
    b: there is no longer anyone at my unit to show us how
    c: The computers all seem to be JPA only wih no other options.

    Now I could go onto my PSI's computer and have a look on there, but that breaches IT security and he's using it most of the time I'm on there.

    Therefore the best thing and possibly the least complicated is for my PSI to print out the joining instructions and fix them to my RNR16 which I have to have signed in triplicate and blood anyway. That way I turn up to any course with all the correct documentation, and in the correct rig. Which is 4's by the way with DMS as your on your knees a lot and the carpet would bugger up your No 1 shoes as the baby OM's on my course found out.

  12. :thumright:

    A very nice image for a Monday morning.... :lick:

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