Ridiculous Acronyms


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I'll start...Cleo was the Squadron Leader, and we had a Chief Radio Operator, who was kind enough to issues a Temporary Memorandum..


Daily Orders day of sailing 0900 for Patrol, saved ink, saved the Planet.
Close all screen doors etc
How about - and this is pukka (as the cook says...!!)

SO (SSG) ---- Sossage of course :lol:

stood for Supply Officer (Supply Support Group) based in Chatham, part of HMS Pembroke in the 70s.


On CCF publications, Cadet Petty Officers are being referred to as PO(RN)
RAF Cadet Flight Sergeants are still referred to as Flt Sgt though, no (RAF).

Someone has a sense of humour.


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On a trip to FI in 1984, we were asked (by some retired adm i/c RN birwatching club I think) to keep a log of all seabirds sighted.
The Navigator was promptly given the new title SHIRO - SHItehawk Reporting Officer)


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When a medical officer who was also a psychologist was appointed to CAPTSM staff she immediately became PSYCHO.
Quite! He wanted it for his task book he told me - the ship was with MCMFORNORTH at the time!

Do you think he was not telling the truth then??

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