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Ride it like a girl.


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BNM, I've just wasted 1 min 57 Secs watching that dreck, when I should have been working. I waited and waited, but neither of them got violently spat off into the road.

I feel you should consider your position...


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If you want to see a girl coming of a bike at speed checkout Jenny Tinmouth's crash in last weekends British Superbike race.


War Hero
She's not afraid of crashing, her and Maria Costello are the quickest lady riders you'll see in this country.


War Hero
She's not afraid of crashing, her and Maria Costello are the quickest lady riders you'll see in this country.
Top marks to the brave ladies. Falling off is an occupational hazard for motorcycle racers and even the best do it quite often. The trick is picking yourself up,dusting off the leathers and remounting for another go.


War Hero
There are a surprising number of female racers at national club level, for me the bravest are the girls who take on the role of sidecar passenger. You have got to have a slate off to want to do that job for fun, but some of the best are girls.
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