Riddle Me This!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by josiecats, Dec 18, 2006.

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  1. I visit three friends....
    They give me £10 each to buy a T.V...
    I know a shop keeper and buy them a T.V for £25... on my return I give them each £1 back...keeping £2 for my troubles...

    If you think about this you will find that there is a missing £1...

    3 x £9 = £27
    I keep £2...... £27 +£2 = £29

    so where did the other £1 go..????
  2. Just playing with numbers and ignoring the logic josiecats

    try it thie way

    3 x 9 - 25 =2

    or this

    3 x 10 - 3 - 25 = 2

    the way you set it out seems like £1 gone missing, but its arsra about tit, clever though!
  3. you have friends who would lend you 10 quid?
  4. yes ,,, thanx ,,,cheeky,,oaf!!!!!!!!
  5. ah "oaf", what an underused put down, superb.
    so much more dignified than "tit" :p
  6. Sound about right - for an accountant! :twisted:

    Why won't anyone lend me a tenner? :cry:

    have I no Fiends left in this world? :cry:

    Please take pity, and send me all your eversokind donations to ....... :twisted:
    Still Somewhere in SouthEast Northumberland

  7. what sort of TV was it? if it was a LCD TV can I have one please I'll give you £28
  8. are we supposed to work it out or can you help a thicky wafu
  9. errrmmmmm dont ask me Ive no idea........ :lol:

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