Riddle Me This!!!!!


War Hero
I visit three friends....
They give me £10 each to buy a T.V...
I know a shop keeper and buy them a T.V for £25... on my return I give them each £1 back...keeping £2 for my troubles...

If you think about this you will find that there is a missing £1...

3 x £9 = £27
I keep £2...... £27 +£2 = £29

so where did the other £1 go..????


Just playing with numbers and ignoring the logic josiecats

try it thie way

3 x 9 - 25 =2

or this

3 x 10 - 3 - 25 = 2

the way you set it out seems like £1 gone missing, but its arsra about tit, clever though!


War Hero
Sound about right - for an accountant! :twisted:

Why won't anyone lend me a tenner? :cry:

have I no Fiends left in this world? :cry:

Please take pity, and send me all your eversokind donations to ....... :twisted:
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