Rico the Chogey

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by oasis6x, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. A mate of mine used to sing a song about a Chogey called Rico. Suffice to say i remember an explosion in the dhobey, and bits of chogey everywhere.

    Other than that its a blur - would love to learn the words if anyone knows them?
  2. oasis6x, I'm horrified! This is the very caring 21st Century. You simply cannot call Slopes Chogeys!

    You a Dusty and all; should know better.
  3. PS.

    What you need is not NAAIHTO anymore. It's NAAB.
  4. Our Dhobey Wallahs are all ex Ghurka. Kumar was 16 years a Ghurka. Are they all Nepalese these days or is it just us?
  5. This may be diamond Lil's but I would like to point out that the term used for the dhoby by OASIS is OFFENSIVE, and is totally uncalled for.

    CH**Y is as offensive to the Chinese as Nig**r is to the Black, folks.

    Please chaps moderate your terminology. What is wrong with Dhoby man, a totally acceptable expression, however it is of Indian origin, so really that term is hardly appropriate, unless the laundry man was Indian.

    Thank you for you attention and I hope that you take this advice in the sprit in which it has been given.

  6. I don't see the problem with the word Chogey Pinch.
    It is a word that has been used for effing eons in the mob when talking about the person that does the washing, and I can't think of a SINGLE instance when it was used as a rascist remark.
    It isn't a rascist word at all. It is the PC brigade that makes it a rascist remark by (as usual) making something out of nothing.

    What about Sprog?
    Is that experience-ist then?
    Or how about Dabber? Does it make Seamen feel depressed?
  7. Not too long ago calling a black guy N***er was not considered bad and we had used that word for effing eons too.

    You said "...and I can't think of a SINGLE instance when it was used as a rascist remark..." That is true I don't think anyone would want to use it as a racist remark, inparticular Jack who has always had a considerable amount of affection for the Dhoby man, and looked upon him as a member of the ships crew.

    Put like you said the PC boys have had their way. I know that if you used that expression in a Chinese takeaway or resterunt, you would cause considerable offence.

    Jack does use a very flowery vocabulary, which if used outside the Naval environment, however can cause offence outside.
  8. I have never heard the word Chogey used outside a naval environment mate, certainly not in a Chinese Restaurant!
  9. Chogey is a derivation of the Chinese word Chongwah (please excuse my pinyin spelling) Chongwayis standard Chinese (Mandarin) for Chinese. So no offence is being given.
  10. Well every chogey I know out here calls us gweilos & to our face(foreign devils/white ghost).It was intended to be offensive but infact we have adopted the term & use it ourselves. I don't see why they should be offended if we did likewise.
  11. Well from a submarine background - i know nothing of them anyway, chogeys or dhobey man or whatever. All i wanted was the song :p

    Sorry if it offended, i was unaware it was derogatory.
  12. It's about time the PC brigade wound their necks in. Seems to be OK for the Honky to be called all the names under the sun but as soon as a slightly dodgy word is used the (normally white) PC brigade swings into action. Have they never listened to a group of young black men talking? The so called N word is frequently used amongst them, as is the term Honkey. FFS they are only words.
  13. I'm pro-Chogey. I learnt it as a term for Chinese food (and still do) and for the tiny No. 3 who carried a mound of dhobeying around. He worked, by all accounts, in the chogey laundry. Well thats what Jan Furber and everyone else called it.

    Oh my god. I just called someone from the West Country Jan. Is that derogatory?

    Oh. I just typed Oh My God. Is that blasphemous? I do wonder because I'm more or less atheist, and therefore can't have a god.....

    Confused? You won't be after this episode of pussers hard...er...Soap. (see what I did there?)
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Eons? This thread is the first time I have encountered this word. Anyway nobody with any brain would upset the Dhobi firm, not if they ever wanted anything returned. Collectively I only ever heard these guys referred to as the Unofficials (thus including Snob, Sew-sew etc) to distinguish them from the Official Chinese (HK-enlisted cooks and stewards).

    The Unofficials seemed happy to mess wherever. In HMS Newfoundland most lived in the capstan flat. In retrospect I think our purge of cockroach-infested loaves of bread stuck in over the channel plating may have destroyed a valuable protein source for them.

    After our Sew-sew's boy was killed at Suez, the dhobi crew chucked their hands in and elected to go home. No.1 boy showed the replacement stokers round the laundry. It was fitted with every possible mechanical device, none of it used - the entire dhobi for 830 plus people was being done by hand. The various firms also brought along wads of money (huge amounts) to the pay-bob for sending home to HK. It was in all sorts of denominations, including East African shillings and it was over two years since the ship had been there. Pay-bob said why not put it in POSBs but no, everything had to be sent to the Chief Steward in Tamar. Squeeze, you see.

    Eventually we overtook them all slowly transiting the Indian Ocean in a tug and brought them back on board.

    The dead Chinese was given a burial at sea after the suggestion that he be kept in the wardroom fridge for several weeks pending our return to HK had been turned down.

    On a lighter note: Officer takes mess undress trousers to Sew-sew having managed to get them ripped during hiorseplay on the quarterdeck. Sew-sew:
    'Girl fliend velly strong last night?'
  15. Just to dig an old thread up that went a little off topic - our killick chef has resorted to making the words up to this one.

    i would love to know if anyone knows the words so i can put him out of his misery.
  16. the plot thickens. i know who it was who sang the song but he cant remember either.

    by the way it was to the tune of "copa cabana" and went something like

    His name was Rico,
    he was a chogey..

    There was an explosion,
    In the Dhobi..

    There was dhobi everywhere and bits of rico in the air

    but was probably totally different, i cant remember
  17. Love it, hope someone knows the words, this has me tickled pink
  18. So, we can longer call a Spade a Spade then?
  19. I have been called 'honky' 'black country shithead' 'Janner pointyhead', etc etc, and have never seen fit to take offence. Mind you - on the occasions I have questioned the parentage of assorted Micks, taffs jocks coons etc, then the racist card is quickly played.
  20. Nope. Its now a non-gender or ethnically specific hole producing implement. Or....in the case of any ex RGJ folks.........weapon of choice :p

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